Amazon is a fraud website,they make up issues and try to hold on your money,i had a technical issue on my account on 1/6/2015,it was not my fault ,but amazon ,they blocked/suspended my account for not shipping the items,how can i ship something to someone,if i don`t have the address and the sellers name,

now they are making up issues,do this ,do that,send feedback request to buyer,provide information where you got the items from,how long you have been selling,are you selling anywhere else,i am sure Amazon does that to many other people,so they can keep the money for them self,it also happened to 3 of my other friend,you must be spending the money on stock or something else,where they create issues on your account and keep a hold on your money for 90 days,I would never every recommend anyone to sell or buy anything on amazon,you really don`t want to see anyone go through the same pain as me and my family is going through right now.

I am very disappointed with amazon

On saturday there was a technical issue on my amazon sellers account.

Amazon blocked/suspended my account for poor performance/saying no tracking number added and i didn`t ship items on time,i have proof of every single item that i ship,i ship items twice a day,so customers can get there items on time,i have to go through so much to get my money and my account solved,i am new to this amazon selling,still learning,but if i knew this was sooo much pain for me and my family

i would have never open a account,i will never ever recommend anyone to sell on amazon,the cheap tricks they are playing to hold on on peoples money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1010.

Preferred solution: not to make false statement and fool people.

Amazon Cons: Customer service.

Location: Columbia, Maryland

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