Twice these guys have billed my account for $106.43 and they did not have my approval.

They have so far been good about giving it back. But they need a better like a double triple check that this is what you are signing up for. My kid is not perfect but HE is not going to sign me up for $100.0 a pop. They blamed my kid. Each time I was there with my kid using my card. $10.00 yoyo and $9.00 butterfly knife. And there was not a button or a HEY WE ARE GOING TO CHARGE YOU 100 BUCKS PLUS IF YOU PUSH THIS BUTTON OR ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT THIS BUTTON.


Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Store Location: Sacramento, California

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Same thing just happened to me when I tried to order a $2.99 video. $105 just disappeared from my checking account for a Prime membership that I did not want nor did I authorize.

And now they tell me I must wait 3 to 5 days for a refund, even though they had no problem making the money disappear instantly.

Effin' bastards! Last time I ever order anything from Amazon.


Yeah, they can take the unintended charge out of your bank account in a hot minute, but then they make you wait three to five business days to refund it to you. How messed up is that?

What are you doing with peoples money in the interim Amazon? More internet crooks.