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Amazon as a money transmitter and Amazon’s payment services is governed by each State's Money Services Act. I have been selling on Amazon marketplace for the last 8 month as a third-party seller and using Amazon money transmitter’s services to get paid from customers.

However , On October 25th Amazon removed my selling privileges , and asked for additional information and documents . Although, I have supplied Amazon with all requested documents in a timely manner , Amazon decided not to reinstate my selling privileges. I was informed that my funds will be released after 90 day hold, which was absolutely fine as I everything I sold was legit and items were shipped and according to tracking numbers, delivered. Since , the initial suspension email I received , that was on October 25, 2016 , I should have received my funds on or before January 25th, 2017.

On communication with Amazon via Better Business Bureau, I was informed that funds will be transferred on 21 or 23 of January , 2017. However, no funds were received , and it is been more than 100 days today. According Washington State Money transmitters act Amazon should should transmit funds within 10 days of receiving funds; according participation agreement seller’s funds are transmitted every 14 day and Amazon can hold seller’s funds for up to 90 days , however , Amazon routinely holds funds beyond the contractual period, well in excess of 90 days. In total, Amazon owes me 4432.91 US dollars 3653.

35 the principal amount plus 350.08 for order (002-3934472-6844216) and 429.48 for (106-1398127-7134607) In total Amazon owes me 4432.91 US dollars . And since October 20, 2016, it is been more than 102 days and funds are still in Amazon Payment's possession. I have contacted Amazon through Better Business Bureau(BBB) , but no resolution was found . Amazon did not transfer my funds on promised date , 21 or 23 of January, 2017 .

Since Amazon is unwilling to voluntarily transmit my funds , I am forced to contact and file complaints with agencies that regulate money service business and its licensees. Amazon believes they have the right to hold onto sellers funds for up to 90 days and beyond and release them as they see fit. How is that legal? I have waited patiently for more than 100 days and this is the last drop of my patience.

Amazon is refusing to release funds in a timely manner and within agreed time frame and holding funds not belonging to them, and it is a grand theft. You are the last instance I am referring to seek the resolution on this matter , if you cannot assist me I will ask for help from 50 Sates’s Attorney generals : Arizona Elizabeth A. Strange Arkansas, Eastern Christopher R. Thyer Texas, Southern Kenneth Magidson Texas, Western Richard Durbin Arkansas, Western Kenneth Elser California, Central Eileen M.

Decker Nevada Daniel G. Bogden New Hampshire Emily Gray Rice California, Eastern Phillip A. Talbert Alabama, Northern Robert O. Posey California, Southern Alana Robinson Colorado Robert C.

Troyer Delaware Charles M. Oberly, III District of Columbia Channing D. Phillips Florida, Middle Lee Bentley Alabama, Southern Kenyen Ray Brown Alaska Karen L. Loeffler California, Northern Brian Stretch Florida, Northern Christopher P.

Canova Florida, Southern Wifredo A. Ferrer Georgia, Middle G.F. "Pete" Peterman, III Georgia, Northern John Horn Connecticut Deirdre Daly* Georgia, Southern Edward J. Tarver Illinois, Northern Zachary T.

Fardon Illinois, Southern Donald S. Boyce, Jr. Guam & Northern Mariana Islands Alicia A.G. Limtiaco Hawaii Florence T.

Nakakuni Idaho Wendy J. Olson Illinois, Central Patrick D. Hansen Indiana, Northern David A. Capp Indiana, Southern Joshua Minkler Iowa, Northern Kevin W.

Techau Iowa, Southern Kevin E. VanderSchel Kansas Thomas E. Beall Kentucky, Eastern Carlton S. Shier IV Kentucky, Western John E.

Kuhn, Jr. Louisiana, Eastern Kenneth A. Polite Louisiana, Middle Walt Green* Louisiana, Western Stephanie A. Finley Maine Thomas Edward Delahanty, II Maryland Rod J.

Rosenstein Massachusetts William D. Weinreb Michigan, Eastern Barbara L. McQuade Michigan, Western Andrew B. Birge Minnesota Andrew M.

Luger Mississippi, Northern Felicia Adams Mississippi, Southern Gregory K. Davis Missouri, Eastern Richard G. Callahan Missouri, Western Tammy Dickinson Montana Michael Cotter Nebraska Deborah K.R. Gilg New Jersey Paul J.

Fishman New Mexico Damon P. Martinez New York, Eastern Robert L. Capers New York, Northern Richard S. Hartunian New York, Southern Preet Bharara New York, Western James P.

Kennedy North Carolina, Eastern John Stuart Bruce North Carolina, Middle Sandra J. Hairston North Carolina, Western Jill Westmoreland Rose North Dakota Christopher C. Myers Ohio, Northern Carole S. Rendon Ohio, Southern Benjamin C.

Glassman Oklahoma, Eastern Mark F. Green Oklahoma, Northern Danny Williams Oklahoma, Western Mark A. Yancey Oregon Billy J. Williams Pennsylvania, Eastern Louis D.

Lappen’ Tennessee, Middle David Rivera Tennessee, Western Edward L. Stanton, III Pennsylvania, Middle Bruce D. Brandler Pennsylvania, Western Soo C. Song Puerto Rico Rosa E.

Rodriguez-Velez Rhode Island Peter F. Neronha South Carolina Beth Drake South Dakota Randy Seiler Tennessee, Eastern Nancy S. Harr Texas, Eastern Brit Featherston Texas, Northern John R. Parker Utah John W.

Huber Vermont Eric S. Miller Virgin Islands Ronald W. Sharpe Virginia, Eastern Dana Boente Virginia, Western Rick A. Mountcastle Washington, Eastern Michael Ormsby Washington, Western Annette L.

Hayes West Virginia, Northern Betsy S. Jividen West Virginia, Southern Carol A. Casto Wisconsin, Eastern Greg Haanstad Wisconsin, Western John William Vaudreuil Wyoming Christopher A. Crofts In addition, I will contact and file complaints with State Agencies where Amazon Payments is licensed as a money transmitter.

Alabama Securities Commission Alaska Division of Banking & Securities Arizona State Banking Department Arkansas Securities Commission California Department of Business Oversight Colorado Division of Banking Connecticut Department of Banking Delaware Office of State Banking Commissioner District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking Florida Office of Financial Regulation Georgia Department of Banking and Finance Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions Idaho Department of Finance Illinois Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Financial Institutions Indiana Department of Financial Institutions Iowa Division of Banking Kansas Office of State Bank Commissioner, Division of Banks Kentucky Office of Financial Institutions Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation Massachusetts Division of Banks Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Serviced Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Financial Examinations Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance Missouri Division of Finance Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance Nevada Department of Business and Industry New Hampshire Banking Department New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance New York Department of Financial Services North Carolina Commissioner of Banks North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions Ohio Division of Financial Institutions Oklahoma Oklahoma State Banking Department Oregon Division of Finance & Corporate Securities Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Banking Puerto Rico Bureau of Financial Institutions South Dakota Division of Banking Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions Texas Department of Banking Utah Department of Financial Institutions Vermont Banking Division Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions Washington Department of Financial Institutions West Virginia Division of Banking Wyoming Division of Banking As money business service provider Amazon violates not only the any state's money transmitter laws but also its own agreement. I will fight back against Amazon’s abusive business practices and unless I am compensated for excessive hold of my funds,then I will take this to court to get compensated. Amazon believes they have the right to hold onto sellers funds for up to 90 days and beyond and release them as they see fit. How is that legal?

Amazon and it is representatives should held accountable for such abusive and unsound business practices . I would like to make public aware and take action of such unhealthy business practices. I have contacted other sellers who have encountered similar issue, and there are thousands of them. I have waited patiently for 90 days, and now it is been more than 100 days and I am still desperately trying to get my funds.

Amazon is refusing to release funds on a timely manner and within agreed time frame .These funds do not belong to Amazon and holding funds not belonging to themselves, is grand theft. A result of Amazon’s actions , I was deprived of my funds and damaged as a result.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $4432.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Amazon are nothing but theives and robbers! The proof is here!

From many pissed off customers and sellers! When it comes to you making money with them! And a ripoff- for many who were customers! Who pay them for your orders!

Its a waste of time both ways!-so Shame on them! I'll Never do Biz with them ever again!