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The Better Business Bureau of Western Washington attempted to mediate my dispute and they got exactly the same Amazon automated e-mail I had been receiving for the past several weeks! The rest of their reply to the BBB (addressed to some unknown person; ostensibly their Greeting is boilerplate and they forgot to fill in the correct name) is: Hello Satish Mataparthi, We reviewed the information you provided and completed a comprehensive review of your account.

We have decided not to disburse any funds to you. Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide details on our investigation methods. We may not respond to further emails regarding the status of your account or the hold on your funds.Thank you,-Amazon" Here is my reply to Amazon via the BBB:This is exactly the same automated response I already received twice from Amazon. The fact that Amazon hides behind a veil of "secret methods" and e-mail bots to disguise their theft of consumers' money shows two things (1) a consciousness of guilt and an attempt to defraud, and (2) utter contempt for the Better Business Bureau and its mediation services.Let me reiterate the issues: (1) Amazon accused me of selling counterfeit items.

I definitively refuted that accusation by providing Amazon with (a) letters from the trademark holders attesting that I was an authorized reseller of the items in question, and (b) invoices recording my purchase of these items from the authorized wholesaler of those items. Amazon did not respond to my refutation but started sending automated e-mails like the one they sent to the Better Business Bureau (2) Over and above that, the items I placed for sale on the Amazon website were my property and the customers who purchased those items paid me not Amazon. Amazon functions only as a means of transmission of the payment from the customer to me, the seller. Since Amazon has not transmitted those funds to me it has committed the crime of larceny.After I posted my complaint on various consumer websites I notice a number of individuals reply to the effect that Amazon treated them the same way, i.e.

by larcenously not releasing the proceeds of sales they had made. Here are a few examples:1. From"Amazon Seller Account is Fraud!AUTHOR: Sherisse - (United States)SUBMITTED: Friday, November 15, 2019I have also been dealing with amazon for a month now trying to get my refund, that they took out of my account unauthorized. I opened an individual seller account and they charged me for the Pro.

I sent them a message. They claimed to have issued a refund.They claimed it would take 3-5 business days. I never got my refund. Then I emailed support again they pushed it out to November 7th.

I waited 3-5 business days again after November 7th. Still no refund. I told them I definitely do not want an account with them and to close my account since I have not uploaded anything to sell.I refuse to use Amazon to sell anything at this point because they are liars and a fraud and will not give me my refund as well will not let me close the account that I do not want. The will not let me remove my credit card info either.

I've sent messages after messages and now they won't respond. A big mistake trying to use Amazon to sell. A good thing they showed their true self before I uploaded any products.I know it may be a small amount compared to others whose money they are holding illegally, However I still want my money no matter how small. AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT IS A FRAUD!!!

THEY STEAL SELLERS MONEY! THEY NEED TO PAY AND STOP HOLDING SELLERS MONEY ILLEGALLY!"2. From" Verified Reviewer19 hours ago PleasedParakeet944Never sell on amazon1.0DetailsI would like to know why Amazon is allowed to keep sellers money without EVER RETURNING it back to the sellers. I was sent a notice from Amazon on 10/31/2018 due to "You currently may not sell on because you are offering items that MAY be inauthentic".

This was on something that was NEVER sold. I am a small business owner and I do not think it is fair for them not to return my money in the amount of 3756.04.Comment"and"This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ Verified ReviewerNov 25 NeedlessHalibut730Amazon - Beware of fraud.1.0Details$844 Fraud charge. 20 phone calls.

No refund. NO RESULTS. No follow-up. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE"and"Nov 05 SleepySaintBernard805Amazon - Locked account4.3DetailsMy account was locked for and I tried it to contact customer services and they did nonthing about it.

I had $30.00 in my account and Amazon took my money and they did not help me."and"NOT RESOLVED1.0Details1 commentUpdate by user Aug 12Oh, and I can no longer get in touch with Amazon seller customer service because I do not have an account. This is a rip-off and I will continue telling people my story to ensure the public's safety. Shame on you Amazon!Original review posted by user Aug 12I wanted to try the "free trial". Upon waiting for verification (which is a pain in and of itself), my Credit Card was immediately charged $39.99.I was told to downgrade immediately to the individual account since it is NOT an option upon account creation.

I did.My Amazon Seller account showed a refund. Then immediately froze my seller account saying my Credit Card was not valid. I look at Credit Card account, which had plenty of money.About 6 charges of $0. Then Amazon charges me $39.99 while my account is still frozen.I immediately ask via email to close the account and refund my money.

It took them 4 days to get back to me because I literally spammed them with the message "Close My Account and Refund Me".They closed it on day 5. Today is day 14 and still no refund.I could never use the account.Now for the fun part. There is absolutely NO live support for Amazon Sellers. No live chat.

No telephone number.You can call Amazon, but they refuse to help anyone with a seller account. I was told the ONLY way to get a hold of anyone concerning Amazon Seller account was via email.This is 110% unacceptable. I was lied to, tricked and robbed by Amazon. I have been with Amazon since they sold books in a garage.I have been an active Prime member.

I have watched customer service and support degrade significantly over the last couple of years. This experience with a "free trial" for an Amazon Seller?Completely abusive, misleading and a ripoff.

They STOLE my money.Reason of review: Poor customer service.Monetary Loss: $40.Preferred solution: Full refund.Amazon Cons: Deceptive advertising, Unauthorized charges, Lies about refund, Absolutely no customer support."These are just samples. There are so many complaints about this same issue that I can't list them all here.

Update by user Dec 01, 2019

I have since contacted the Better Business Bureau for Western Washington and the Washington State Attorney General both of whom sent letters to Amazon attempting to mediate the matter. Amazon did not reply to either one.

I also noticed on the Better Business Bureau website that Amazon ignores all complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and doesn't reply to anything.

This fraudulent company treats its affiliated sellers as poorly as it does its employees. I wonder if there is an enterprising lawyer out there who might see the opportunity for a class action.

Update by user Oct 31, 2019


Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2019

I am an individual who has been selling products on Amazon for over ten years. I order products through a drop ship wholesaler who represents hundreds of manufacturers and over 13,000 products.

Our wholesale outlet is one of the most respected in the country and purchases only from verified trademark holders for redistribution. Because of the numbers involved, the manufacturers might not know my name. However, I have an account in good standing with the wholesaler. I list my products on Amazon by means of a data feed directly from the wholesaler.

Occasionally a manufacturer/trademark holder may grow concerned about counterfeit products offered on Amazon and submit blanket complaints about every retailer they see on Amazon whose name they do not recognize. This happened to me. When this happens I immediately contact the wholesaler to ask for a letter of verification and an introduction to the manufacturer/trademark holders as proof that I sell products sourced only from the trademark holder - not counterfeits. I also request and receive letters of verification from the manufacturer/trademark holder.

At Amazon's request I also submitted invoices from the wholesaler to show that I purchase products from the legitimate source. These letters and invoice are attached as Exhibits to this complaint. Once these documents have been submitted Amazon stopped communicating with me. All I received were automated e-mails stating that I need to submit the documents I already submitted.

Using automation Amazon repeats the same complaint and document request over and over ignoring the documentation sent to them. After several automated e-mails, Amazon stopped replying altogether.

After several weeks of sending automated e-mails Amazon suspended my account and held the funds for the sales I had already completed. The unpaid balance due to me is $312.68. When I requested the release of the funds, Amazon sent one automated e-mail saying I could expect a response in 7 days.

I contacted them again after 14 days and received an automated response saying Amazon will not release the funds, they will not provide the reason and will no longer communicate with me. The customer paid me, not Amazon,for the merchandise I delivered. This money does not belong to Amazon. The maneuver of not transmitting to me the proceeds of my sales does not seem to be even legal.

The use of robot e-mail replies on Amazon's part hints to my mind at fraudulent intent.

Conclusion: Please help me in getting Amazon to release the $312.68 I earned selling on Amazon.

I am not interested in reinstatement as an Amazon seller, since I believe they deal fraudulently with vulnerable individuals attempting to sell merchandise on their website.

Additional Information: I believe this process of (1) Accusing a seller of wrongdoing (2) Ignoring a seller's defense (3) Holding the seller's balance due presumably for be kept as Amazon's personal business property - this process is a generalized fraudulent scheme. The basis for my belief is the number of complaints by sellers on Amazon who has voiced the same complaint.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $313.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Fraudulent practices.

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