I have been an amazon customer since 2008 and have purchased many thousands items and have written just as many reviews of 4 stars or more. Those that I do not rate above three stars is due to quality or false statements made by the seller on the product being described.

Recently I received one of my many purchases and tried to write a review and was told that I violated the review guidelines. No where are any of my reviews available anymore. They are all gone. Here is a photo of the explanation that I get each time I try to write a review.

My helpful rating was 685.

I have tried to contact amazon without any success. No where on amazon website is there any option to contact customer service to ask for assistance why all my reviews were deleted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Reason of review: Product reviews been deleted.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Could not find help on why all my product reviews were deleted.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me. Very annoying and unprofessional from Amazon.


Same here. Some of my recent reviews were deleted.

I can still write reviews, so I tried to atleast post rating again for the deleted reviews, but quite a few of the items wouldn't even let me rate them.

Seems like there's a bunch of shady sellers on amazon, but I don't get why that needs to impact buyers negatively. I took time to write reviews on products I love or hate, amazon should respect that.


This has also happened to me and with it I received the most rudest email I have ever received. It is clear that Amazon does not care about the customer.

To be accused of something and not knowing what and not being allowed to find out what happened and the company refusing to reply is not how a successful company does business. I immediately canceled my prime membership and I have been a prime member for 10 years, I canceled all of my monthly subscriptions, and I will never do business with them again (I spend at least $1000 a month with them minimum). I may pay a little more for something but I wjill only do business with companies that appreciate their customers. If any of you out there would like to come tonight you can be heard by writing to jeff@amazon.com.

He reads all of his emails and forward Dan customer complaints and gets them resolved.

Personally it’s too late for me because they should’ve never sent a letter in the first place but I will still write him and tell him whoever approves such an email should be fired. I don’t care how big a company is, they *** always appreciate their customers


Similar situation in some regards no clue as to violation...


Same here


Same issue here. All reviews are gone and I cannot post any more reviews.

I have not accepted promotional items since Amazon made the change in 2016, though I get emails offering them daily.

The main products I've been reviewing are audio and podcast related, I am a podcaster and have a website about podcasting and this is my area of expertise. It seems Amazon does not want fair and honest reviews on their site any longer.


Like you I have written honest and forthright reviews. Around 1100 of them and got hundreds of helpful votes.

I regarded this as doing my bit in return for the reviews I have used to help me make informed choices before buying.Suddenly all my reviews vanished. Like you I tried to get an explanation and got nowhere. My first email was ignored. My online chat promised a reply in 24 hours that never showed.

My phone call promised another email. But as they did not specify a time to respond I suppose I could not say the lied after a year!Well here is my solution. Avoid buying on Amazon. I now look to locate marketplace sellers at their own web sites.

When my Prime membership comes up for renewal I will cancel. In 5 days I have spent £700 elsewhere that would have been with Amazon.


Same here! My community profile was shut down - can't review or even ask questions about a product.

I contacted amazon to find out why and it took them TEN days to respond with a generic email saying the guidelines had been broken. They did not explain reasons that were specific to my account. I contacted them again - found out their review team can only be reached by email. Even other departments cannot call this team.

I reached out to amazon multiple times - getting misinformation each time. I called to question the review team's decision and one amazon representative assured me they would send a form to request a supervisor look at my account and explain exactly the reason my profile had been shut down. Then days later I got the same email as the original generic one. No one even took the time to explain.

The department cannot be reached and does not respond to their emails. Extremely upsetting. Especially since I heard prime membership will increase by $20.

How does amazon expect customers to pay more to be a prime member and be treated in such a way. How to they think we will buy products if they can't get answers and leave feedback?!


Exactly! Happened to me too.

That generic email said the decision was final - didn't even give me a specific explanation. Now I'll never be able to ask a question or give feedback.

These are things that keep buyers informed and sellers accountable. WTH amazon?!


Same here. I never wrote a review on request from a seller or got any promotional products, but I get the same message and all my past reviews are gone.

No warning or explanation from Amazon. I've tried contacting customer service and was told the appropriate department would contact me within 24 hours but they never did (it's been 5 days).


Same here.


Mine too. No reason.

I had a lot of helpful reviews, time consuming and honest.

Paid for products. Tempted to boycott amazon.


Same here, said I had a relationship with the vendor and my reviews were biased. I have never received a promotional product and all reviews were verified purchases.


Just had this happen to me, called Amazon, asked to speak with a supervisor, and they said they'd forward my concern to the right department. I don't have much hope, but I'm so annoyed because I put time and effort into making thoughtful reviews, had a lot of of good feedback, and now they are all gone.


I *have* boycotted Amazon for this issue


Yep, same here. Cancelled my 11 year old acct and will not be buying from Amazon ever again.

I have to admit that with all the other places to buy online these days, I wasnt using Amazon very much any more, but now, never. And not just for deleting my reviews, but for the lack of transparency and for giving no notice, no reason or even which review was in question.