I have been an amazon customer since 2008 and have purchased many thousands items and have written just as many reviews of 4 stars or more. Those that I do not rate above three stars is due to quality or false statements made by the seller on the product being described.

Recently I received one of my many purchases and tried to write a review and was told that I violated the review guidelines. No where are any of my reviews available anymore. They are all gone. Here is a photo of the explanation that I get each time I try to write a review.

My helpful rating was 685.

I have tried to contact amazon without any success. No where on amazon website is there any option to contact customer service to ask for assistance why all my reviews were deleted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Reason of review: Product reviews been deleted.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Could not find help on why all my product reviews were deleted.

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Amazon might own their website but reviews are part of their advertising. By deleting negative reviews they are effectively misrepresenting products and could be argued, and hopefully will be in some US court eventually, by doing so they are committing fraud.

Just because they own the site does not mean they could do whatever they want. With positive reviews deleting at least it is more difficult to accuse them of fraud. I know what I will do now.

Will just return for refund if unhappy about anything while in the past might have just left a review. And whenever possible will buy from ebay.


This just happened to me....


Same exact thing happened to me even though not one single review that I've made were biased. Not one.


Sane thing just happened to me, WTF.


I noticed yesterday I couldn't write any reviews and all my reviews were deleted as well. I only had 45 or so reviews.

I got the same message as you about biased relationship with a seller.(which I don't understand, I've never even talked to a seller apart from one checking a size on something I ordered like a year ago) This has to be some bug.

I hope they fix it. I called their customer service and they said that they would get back to me in 24-48 hours.


Same here. I have no idea what triggered this. All my reviews gone, not able to write reviews any more.


I just had all of my reviews disappear on Amazon, back years and years. I now get a message I have an affiliation with a seller if I try to post a review.

I have absolutely no affiliation with any sellers on Amazon.

I had thought of contacting Amazon, but it seems that is a useless venture. I'm just amazed I received no communication from Amazon about why this happened.


How about you stop posting reviews for compensation, and do something more valuable with your time instead of posting reviews and while you at it how about you walk to the damn shops instead of purchasing *** online lazy bastards.


You live with me? you know my life?

As a product reviewing blogger I do not get paid by the manufacturers i get paid by traffic to my site not Amazon.

But since you know everything and can tell people how to live their life........ how do i increase my api?


Not an appropriate comment


I never claimed to be perfect! Yes, mass database searches can sweep up innocent reviews - that's certainly possible.

For the record, I did suggest that humans make the final call, guided by patterns found in the review database. The problem is huge, and that's not easy. Fakespot.com does it slightly different, and like any mass data collection effort, they have errors as well. If someone bought a product in the first 1-2 weeks of being sold (even though it had not gained popularity) and posted a glowing 5 star review alongside all the other 5 star reviews, that might be flagged.

However, when humans step into the picture, they tend to jump to conclusions, and they're the ones who delete an entire reviewer's history. Database queries only direct them where to look. When an obviously junk product gets 10 glowing reviews with a cluster of sales in the first 2 weeks, followed by a cluster of 5-star reviews, followed by a small trickle of sales resulting in "pissed consumers" who buy the product only to find out its junk and the reviews were all faked - that's when the humans flag all the offending reviewers for deletion. This has become such a problem that it's just not humanly possible to sort though each reviewer and say this review is real, but this one is fake - it's easier to just remove them all.

If some real & genuine reviews get tossed out with all the fake ones, it's unavoidable.Why are people upset about all this? It's not like you were PAID for those reviews, at least not by Amazon. It's not like you made money writing reviews? Or did you?Now, the merchants who encourage this behavior by sending paypal transactions back to the "honest reviewers" - they got hit were it hurt, in their payments from Amazon.

That's the half you don't see as reviewers.

The reviewers got off easy.Mr. SQL


Your comment of "All of you go cry me a river" seems at odds with your comment of "I never claimed to be perfect". Also something you fail to appreciate here is that reviewers take time and effort to write their reviews and are rightly proud of them.

They contribute to a community and buy from Amazon because they like that community element of following reviews of others and using those reviews to guide their own purchases.Your approximation that the only reason someone would do something is for monetary gain is perhaps a better reflection on your own character, and shouldn't therefore be used as a yardstick for measuring others.

Perhaps instead of jumping onto this thread and boasting about how good you are and causing distress to others "Seeing you all pissed off here makes me grin from ear to ear" you should work to improve your system, help those who have clearing been incorrectly targeted and be humble about the far less than perfect job you are doing. If Amazon want to remove every review then go do it, but don't dismiss genuine consumers as automatically being guilty of something simply because some broken code says so.


I agree! &This just happened to me, too.

I had 160 reviews and almost 600 helpful votes. I took a lot of time to try to help the Amazon community, because I depended on other's reviews to decide what products were the best fit for me. It's truly, stomach turning to have all of your efforts, just deleted! I really enjoyed being apart of the community, and wanted to give back.

I have called, and emailed them. It sounds like it might be a lost cause from what I'm reading. It's just not right. They're the one's who request reviews, and give you a profile, yet they punish the people who spend thousands a year on Amazon, and are still willing to give of their time to help Amazon's community.

I have never received anything for my reviews. They were all authentic, and the majority with pictures. It would be nice if they'd at least allow you to have access to your own reviews. Something is so wrong with picture.

It seems like they're losing good people, and genuine reviews, rather than the fake ones, they're supposedly looking for. Please update if you hear back from them.


My reviews were all deleted about a week ago. I've been reviewing products on Amazon for nearly 20 years!

I highly value real users product reviews and I enjoy(ed) writing them, but about a month ago a company to which I'd given a good review asked me if I wouldn't mind reviewing another one of their products. I said sure, and they sent me a gift card to buy the product. I wrote an honest review of it. Then Amazon decided that I now had a "relationship" with the seller and deleted every review I've ever written.

They have also banned me from ever writing another review on their site. Period. Not one of my reviews was fake or influenced. I spent a good deal of time writing them as well, so as to help people better understand the products.

I had reviewed everything...

books, baby products, camping accessories, tech products and beauty supplies! I can't tell you how upset I am that this happened to me.


I really fear that this has nothing to do with broken code but rather the angry and biased opinions of a few working in the review department. They see something that offends them personally and take drastic action to delete that persons entire collection of reviews.

This has to stop because its costing Amazon a lot of good quality customers. It's also costing the integrity of the entire review process at Amazon which is a huge part of why people purchase products there. Whoever is doing this at the review department at Amazon needs to be investigated and fired from his/her position. I personally believe its a raging and offended female.

I made a comment on someone else review that I saw a trend of female negative reviews. I didn't say anything offensive but just that it was curious that all the negative reviews for the product came from female names. That does not justify erasing someones entire review profile. It obviously offended a female employee in the review department which is ridiculous and vindictive at the very least.

I hope she gets caught and fired for playing feminist which makes her obviously bias herself. Pathetic.


Cool story. If you really did write the code, then you done goofed.

There is clearly an issue where people who have reviewed many products in good faith over many years have had their review privileges stripped. It happened to me as well in the last month. Amazon has screwed up here. If they don't or won't bother to fix the issue, then they'll continue to *** away customer loyalty and support.

Having someone like you pretending to represent them on a serious issue (I don't believe you were involved, just trolling) does the company no favors.

Hopefully someone finds a way to get this fixed. Hopefully whoever implemented this boondoggle is made to fix it and do better next time.


All of you go cry me a river. You are undermining the reputation based selling on Amazon.

It's not hard to spot a shill review - and it's also not hard to spot any customer who provides these reviews.How do I know? Well - I'm the guy who wrote the software for amazon to filter through the database of all reviews and pick out the bad apples, and shut down those reviewers who are responsible for 95% of the fake reviews on Amazon. Yes - I get paid to shut down your BS reviews PERMANENTLY.A human notices an (obviously) junk product like a $38.88 drone that had 15 x 5-star reviews on days 2, 3, 5 and 6 of being sold - then sat idle for 2-3 weeks before 1 to 10 real customers bought it, and commented things like "I have no idea why this was rated 5 stars by so many people" in their 1-star reviews with photos showing that the drone doesn't fly without a string holding it up (one shill reviewer photo even had a string we could make out!) . What do we do about it?

First, we ban the seller from selling on Amazon, as they violated our TOS. We charge them to ship their crap back to China. We charge our return expenses for their product against any profit they might have made.Then we go after the problem - which is YOU. We hunt your reviews down, and shut down ALL social interaction privileges you had.

I had to add that field to the reviewer database. And I wrote the query which found the shill product reviews because they all follow the same pattern.The ONLY reviewers who were not found were the ones who just happened to be reviewing a really honest 5-star product that real customers also liked. But when they piled on reviews for a bad product with others, they got caught. You need to realize, we track the return rates for products because returns eat profits in a slim margin business.

When a 5 star product suddenly has 80+ % return rates, it sticks out.You need to understand that what you did undermines the integrity of the Amazon Prime experience for legit customers - not people who get the emails from China saying "you pleaz review for us good product we pay u paypal after post review 5 star all the way"My suggestion is go to fakespot.com and take a look at the junk you reviewed - see how many reviews popped up magically 1 week after the product first sold - then look at the long time before anyone REAL bought the junk, and then look at the later reviews posted by REAL customers (who have no problems posting reviews on amazon).When fakespot.com says Amazon has deleted some reviews - those belonged to you, and I'm the guy who got rid of them.

Seeing you all pissed off here makes me grin from ear to ear - thanks for the job well done!Mr. SQL


That may well be the case, and in situations like that it is a job well done. However there are many genuine reviewers who arbitrarily find their reviews vanish for no reason at all.

Personally I had my reviews vanish some years ago for the generic reason of personal affiliated with the authors. The books I had reviewed were all well known titles and the only affiliation I had was friending or following some of them of Facebook. It was a ridiculous reason, and because of that I haven't reviewed anything since, and try to buy from competitors to Amazon whenever possible.

Maybe the algorithms in the code have changed since but my reviews have never been reinstated.I can see the reasoning behind what you do, but the smug insinuation that everybody whose reviews have been removed are guilty of something is completely unjustified. Perhaps if you paid closer attention to the details instead of patting yourself on the back you would actually come up with an efficient product.


You are a pompous, self-righteous jerk.


Amazon info sys What are you going to do? Ban us?

Too late. You go cry yourself a river.