I have been an amazon customer since 2008 and have purchased many thousands items and have written just as many reviews of 4 stars or more. Those that I do not rate above three stars is due to quality or false statements made by the seller on the product being described.

Recently I received one of my many purchases and tried to write a review and was told that I violated the review guidelines. No where are any of my reviews available anymore. They are all gone. Here is a photo of the explanation that I get each time I try to write a review.

My helpful rating was 685.

I have tried to contact amazon without any success. No where on amazon website is there any option to contact customer service to ask for assistance why all my reviews were deleted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Reason of review: Product reviews been deleted.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Could not find help on why all my product reviews were deleted.

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Jacqueline H

You'll see reviews missing if they're hidden for sensitive content or if the product's no longer available. If you type "reviews I have written" in the search bar it will take you to a page that has all your reviews, even the hidden ones.

Maybe there's an answer there? Also, if you click on the help section, (click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner, then scroll to the bottom) then under "Browse Help Topics" click on "Need More Help" then "Contact Us" you can utilize their chat program or choose to have a customer service rep call you. Hope this helps and please, if you do indeed get an answer, please post what it was here in comments! I've heard conflicting stories from Amazon's doing this to reviews it deems are "fake" to they do it every year to random accounts.

In any case, apparently you weren't singled out, reviews are getting removed for many accounts.

I've yet to discover the true reason, but if I find it I'll post it under this thread. Good luck!


I wrote a 1 star review of "A Warning" by Anonymous in which I pointed out that the author kept (insanely) blaming the Democrats for everything the author doesn't like about Trump. I called and complained after they did NOT post my review, but were posting reviews dated a day later.

The customer service person said they'd get back to me. They didn't. I kept checking, and 24 hours later, my review was posted, but buried under about 20 newer posts. Today (which would be the second day of my post), I checked for my post, and IT'S GONE.

Clearly Jeff Bezos is directing what types of reviews get posted, and what kind of an average number of stars he wants to see for a variety of items sold by the behemoth. Obviously, he's courting the administration in an attempt to stave off the regulators coming at him. It's all just one big con.

Everything. The "new normal".


Welcome to the club! David R.


Bottom line is it's Amazon's court and they will always have the ball. Actual customer service is non-existent and they really don't care.

Eventually, they will run off enough customers to stop doing this practice of deleting reviews (without explanation).

Most people who this happens to and get upset, have spent a lot of time writing reviews to help other customers which of course in turn helps Amazon. There are other places to shop.


Same here. I was in the top 10,000 reviewers and have been a long time customer writing very thoughtful reviews with video and photos.

I took reviewing seriously as I know it helps me to understand the product more due to the reviews. I wanted to be part of the community by writing reviews to help others. Then one day all my reviews were gone. They won't even respond to tell me which review violated their guidelines or why?

I cannot even ask a question now regarding a product. I have also just went through rounds of interviews for a position at Amazon. I have been very loyal to Amazon for countless years, and even pursued a position at corporate. Now I just simply have a bad taste in my mouth about the company et al.

We have paid for prime since it was offered. I wrote 100s of reviews.

Maybe they should have looked at how they gave out vouchers to sellers and realize it was Amazon that is at fault here and not the reviewers. I am beyond disappointed that they are all gone.


Happened to me too. I've been customer for over 15 years and have spent TENS OF THOUSANDS with Amazon.

I used to get daily packages. Told everyone how much I love Amazon. Amazon banned me from the community and removed my hundreds of reviews, mostly for 5-star for products I love. I contacted customer service twice and they will not budge.

They sent me a very curt email saying "We will not reinstate you." Here's what happened: I was browsing for ear buds and came across a product with multiple, clearly fake reviews. The reviews were for unverified purchases, the same user name left multiple reviews, and they were very short, 5-star, poorly written reviews like "good product i like it fast delivery." I posted a review along the lines of "Watch out, these are clearly fake reviews." Then I got banned. I'm mad Amazon would treat me this way after being SUCH a loyal customer. You would think they'd talk through the issue and reinstate me.

It's not like I have a history of being profane or mean. I've been a great customer and always left 5-star reviews for the customer service reps who helped me. Why would they lose such a high-spending customer when all I was trying to do was warn people about a potentially fraudulent product? Why would they remove all of my positive reviews, yet leave up FAKE reviews??!

I'm done with Amazon. I'm deleting my account and cancelled Prime and got my money back since it had just renewed. I just ordered beauty products from Pharmaca cheaper than I would've gotten from Amazon. Started an account with Thrift Books which has a huge and cheap selection.

Downloaded my pics from Amazon photos and uploaded them to Irista, which has 15 GB free storage and keeps your pics at a high res. I ordered prints cheaper from Snapfish than I would've gotten from Amazon. I downloaded the Target and Walmart apps and am going to use Vudu to buy tv shows rather than Amazon Prime. I'll step up my Ebay and Thredup game for clothes.

In the end I'll save money, because I'm going to start comparison shopping rather than blindly buying everything from Amazon. Hope others will join me!


I can't agree more , Chris. I have also transitioned all of my shopping to other sites on the web.

I am still waiting for the final break to occur when my Amazon Prime membership expires in June 2019 at which time I will be evicting Amazon Echo and Alexa. About the only thing I ever see myself purchasing from Amazon is an item which I absolutely must have and which isn't available anywhere else.

There aren't many - if any - such items. My general rule for shopping has become "anywhere but Amazon", even if the item is a bit more expensive elsewhere.


Same thing that happened to me. I had over a thousand book reviews, and over 2000 helpful votes, and Amazon removed them all three days ago.

They have done this once before, and put me through *** to get them back.

I love reviewing books, and love helping out authors whom have little to no reviews. This is ***


I have also just had this message and have wrote 100’s of reviews never anything that would violate any rules all positive good reviews as they are the only ones I take time to review if we can’t leave honest reviews what is the point of having reviews at all!!


This happened to me too. Violating community guidelines' Some of the reasons were ridiculous. My good comments "I must have company connections' That is insane, and when I asked where they got that idea from I got no answer I was honest, not rude on two reviews and they were deleted and I was given a 'warning' I think they leave up one or two critical reviews to appear honest, and delete the rest It's so unfair.


Ive had same happen. They wiped reviews so i have made 4 official complaints they ignored that ....

I got same you violated bull *** ...so i asked for all information they hold on me under new GDPR rules which is old data protection ...Guess what ....they ignored that to oooops now in hands of Information commisionaire and believe me the fines are mental for this breach ...

Every one ask for all info they hold on you then report then for not giving you the info ....they will not give you what you ask for anyway so end up with multiple fines ... We are talking 5 per cent of their turn over for couple of years and up to 2 million in fines max ...its gonna hurt then and will be way of showing then they not so big and clever to treat people so bad ...

Tonya R

Who is it that you say report them to ? I woukd definately like to pursue this.

I took my reviews seriously, i was getting some with discount codes, but i was honest when i posted .my personal experiences. And when i was not happy i did just like i would with any normal transaction. Contact seller first, and depending on how that went, i responded accordingly. I posted thorough pics and described the good and bad.

I can understand a fast 1 line 5 star happy post. But how can a thorough description with pictures of the quality, and all wiped at once. And not only that, but my family bought through my prime account thousands of dollars worth of items (not discounted- not through any review sites,) items for their personal lives, including holidays and for their business supplies. I could easily start a fresh new account but I am upset about being stopped cold.

The wipe and their only explanation for it basically calls me deceptive and untrustworthy. I feel very insulted And furthermore, i heard recently that they offer discounted prime membership for people on government assistance. I was not once offered that option in the few years i have been a paid member. I seen a "news" segment giving them a pat on the back for being so compassionate.

This isn't a very well known thing. At least i never heard about it they don't care as much as they want everyone to believe.


My reviews were deleted about 2 months ago, I got the same response from Amazon that I violated the policy. All of a sudden, a week ago I found all my reviews visible and active.

I can now post reviews (even though Amzn said that I would never be allowed to do so). Very strange, maybe a glitch in their system with reinstatement.


Were you reinstated unexpectedly, completely out of the blue, or had you contacted Amazon (Jeff Bezos, etc.) at least once before about the problem of your deleted reviews?


Me too, they accuse me of violating community guidelines, i.e. getting paid for reviewing, or incentives, which is patently false, and insulting!

Member since '04. Countless reviews and helpful votes. Contacted the reviews appeals Dept, they review my case, respond in email but no specific details on my alleged infractions...

Google this topic I found they are doing large scale crackdown, reviews mentioning alt sites/prices (like eBay) seems to be the only one I have possibly violated. Way to go disrespectful to long time customers!


Same thing happened to me. I FINALLY got a review, after a year of trying to find out what I did wrong --since reading all their rules provided no insight that I violated anything.

My review ended up being the same thing they sent the first time. All they said was I violated one of their rules and this ruling can not be changed. I am sincerely offended, irritated and want to stop doing business with them. I buy a lot from Amazon.

Shame on them.

Why treat good customers this way, especially without telling them exactly, EXACTLY what they've done wrong, instead of some vague response from a no name person at Amazon who apparently could care less about the business. I guess they have way, way, way too many customers to care about a few.


Sign my petition for change. https://www.change.org/p/amazon-com-make-amazon-change-their-guidelines-ed022737-6524-48d3-a7e4-c811498ec02a?recruiter=925621727&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=tap_basic_share

Tonya R

I signed and shared with a few friends. Wish it al the luck.


Has anyone seen this? Amazon is the biggest scammer out there: https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/16/17867358/amazon-investigation-employee-seller-bribery-internal-data-deleting-negative-reviews


Maybe if we all band together and tell Amazon to go **** themselves, they'll think twice about what they're doing. I doubt it though.

Unfortunately, we're really just a drop in the bucket to Amazon and Jeff Bezos. They don't give one **** about us little guys. Bezos is the world's richest man now and trying to rule the world , so why should he care?

He doesn't. Not one bit.