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I'll keep this short. This is a warning to my family, friends, colleagues and others who are planning on shopping Amazon in the future.

I've not had a good recent experience with them...borderline terribel in fact... Over the past 3 years, I've bought 177 items between and where I've also been a "PRIME" member in which I pay $99 USD to and $99 CAD to I probably make 80% of my purchases through those sites, so I feel that I'm a pretty good customer. Recently, I went to purchase a Nexus 6P phone that was being sold for a decent price of $390 USD through a 3rd party seller on their site.

It turned out to be a scam and fraud. The seller had actually sent me emails that were branded identically to what Amazon emails look like including the date of when it is arriving, however, when you look really carefully at the email domains names, rather than it being '' it was ''.... very subtle and not something I'm only the lookout for, especially given my relationship with the site (177 purchases over the past 3 years). The email walked me through doing a $390 Payment through the Amazon Gift Card site - meaning my money went through - the site and company had accepted my money, and my bank account shows that my money went to

When I didn't recieve my phone, I called in to find out what was going on. After 30 days of dealing with them to sort out this issue here is the summary: - Amazon DOES NOT verify who their 3rd party sellers are. Any Joe-blow can start their store claiming to sell stuff. - Amazon Cannot Track their GiftCards!!!

Apparently, you can use a Gift Card to Purchase another Gift Card, and then another and then another. Amazon cannot track this. So my money has been lost and redeemed through this ridiculous program and eco-system that they have set up, and they had said that they cannot refund me! Now, I'm down $390 USD for the Christmas purchase system, and this Multi-Billion company won't Protect me or Refund me.

Online purchases are still not safe, even with the biggest guys. It seems so funny because it feels like they do more checks on the customer than the seller... So much for the "A-Z" guarantee that they said they have to "protect" the customer. I feel betrayed.

I've given them my business and my money for a long time. As a result, I've successfully cancelled my PRIME membership on both and, I'm going to stop any Amazon Kindle Purchases and move over to "Kobo" E-Readers and then I'm also going to recommend all my Tech peers: don't use Amazon Cloud, use Microsoft Azure or Google Compute, or some other Cloud Company.

Thanks for listening, I hope you guys shop safe! Cheers, Zubin

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Marketplace.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Amazon Cons: False guarantees, Customer support, Does not verify seller, Cannot track their own giftcards.

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Go get em, I can't think of any company, more than , Amazon, that needs to be, boycotted. They can't solve the simplest of issues, and, Amazon has no clue, about, common sense.

I wouldn't be surprised, if some of they're , own employees are hackers. An American