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Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

Initial Question: why did the amazon carrier steal my air conditioner when it was on it's way to being delivered?

11:02 AM PDT Esther(Amazon): Hello, my name is Esther. I'm here to help you today.

11:03 AM PDT Joseph : the air conditioner I ordered three weeks ago was stolen off a truck and they are saying it's "undelivarable"

11:03 AM PDT Esther: I am really sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing with your item not being delivered.

11:03 AM PDT Joseph : now I have no ac and there's going to be a heat wave!

11:03 AM PDT Esther: Thank you for being apart of the Prime Family. :)

11:03 AM PDT Joseph : your driver decided he wanted the air conditioner for himself

11:04 AM PDT Joseph: Amazon is providing me with nothing except a refund

I don't need the money I need the air conditioner

11:04 AM PDT Esther: If the status states un deliverable this means it was lost in transit.

11:04 AM PDT Joseph : what does this mean? "lost in transit" you stole it from me

your driver stole my goods

11:05 AM PDT Joseph: I need that air conditioner theres's going to be a heatwave

the driver knew that

I need restitution

11:05 AM PDT Esther: I do understand your frustration, please allow me to process information to see how best we can fix the issue for you.

11:05 AM PDT Joseph : you need to get that restitution from your delivery service!

I am not just accepting a refund!

And forget any ten dollar credit!

11:10 AM PDT Esther: I am seeing that a refund was processed for you already.

11:10 AM PDT Joseph : this is the worst situation I've ever had buying any product knowing it got stolen and no one want to help me

11:11 AM PDT Joseph : I am disgusted with amazon

11:11 AM PDT Esther: I will not have the option to replace the item as it is unavailable on the website.

11:11 AM PDT Joseph : I don't want any drivers coming here any more as I don't know if you're hiring thieves and criminals

11:12 AM PDT Joseph : there's no consequences for stealing goods off trucks so who knows what sort of felons you are hiring as drivers

I'm the one who has to face the heat wave with no ac

and this is after Amazon texted me to say it was being delivered TODAY

11:14 AM PDT Esther: Joseph I do understand you frustration and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. Items sometimes may be lost during sorting and transitioning. Please understand that these things may happen and it is not must a case where someone stole the package. The item may very well show up after, as it as happened before.

11:15 AM PDT Joseph : i refuse to accept this

amazon is despicable

thieves and liars crooks as drivers

you think i'm stupid?

11:16 AM PDT Esther: I am really sorry you feel that way about the situation.

11:16 AM PDT Joseph : do you honestly think I'm stupid that my ac disappeared on this day?

11:16 AM PDT Esther: Please understand that I am a representative and is just trying to render assistance in this case.

11:16 AM PDT Joseph: I thought Amazon was a good company

11:17 AM PDT Joseph : this is the worst service I have ever received from now until my dying day I tell people about how bad and disgusting Amazon can be

11:17 AM PDT Esther: If I had the option to send you another item I would be pleased to do so.

11:17 AM PDT Joseph : Imagine someone depending on groceries come to find out "undeliverable" one of your slobs decided to make a sandwich

11:18 AM PDT Joseph : guess you guys are making too much money since you can afford to sacrifice me for whatever thug stole my ac

11:18 AM PDT Esther: I do understand your frustration, I would be upset too.

11:18 AM PDT Joseph : you have the option of sending me a $500 gift card

that's your option

11:19 AM PDT Joseph : and you can get it from the driver who stole it or the dellivery company who screwed up my orderf

11:19 AM PDT Esther: Please know that it is not our intention to have our customers not satisfied in our services.

11:19 AM PDT Joseph : that's the only acceptable solution at this point.

I will refuse any subsequent deliveries from Amazon

11:20 AM PDT Joseph : I don't trust your company I don't trust your drivers and I don't want them anywhere near me or my property

11:21 AM PDT Esther: I am sorry you feel this bad about the service Joseph. I do hope your next experience shopping with us will be much better.

11:22 AM PDT Joseph : I am enraged and outraged by this

There won't be a next time

11:23 AM PDT Joseph: I'm so angry about this I'm shaking

I hate your company

11:23 AM PDT Esther: I do understand your really upset about you not receiving your package.

11:23 AM PDT Joseph : you should burn in *** for this

burn in ***

stole my package and put it on my back

ask me to be "understanding"

11:24 AM PDT Joseph : Amazon is going down

you parasites

you disgust me the whole operation disgusts me

11:25 AM PDT Joseph : I'm calling the police

I'm filing a report

11:26 AM PDT Esther: Okay Joseph. I understand your frustration. Is there any thing else you would like me to assist you with before you go?

11:26 AM PDT Joseph : this is the worst possible experience a customer can have

I hate you and your company

Thank you.


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Same thing happened to me three times in a row.