About 3 months ago or more, my account with Amazon was closed due to some hacking problem. They told me to sign in with a new password.

I tried to do this, and every time I did, it stated that my password was invalid.

This went on for several times during the three months. I finally got through to a young lady in the Philippines who worked with me for almost an hour.

When we finished my account was back and working. This lasted about a week and a half and then my account was put on hold again. I got through to the Philippines and worked with a young man who told me my address was incorrect.

I told him this was the address I have had for the last 18 years. He said it was not correct.

I asked what address did he have, and he would not tell me, but eventually I was able to find out that they had used the addresses of people I had sent things to, as my account address.

I asked to speak to a manager who was not helpful and said there was nothing she could do, I should get a new password and try again She hung up on me. When I called back, she would not answer.

So, I still have no Amazon account four months later.

Can you HELP please.

Location: Belleville, Illinois

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