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itI was hacked by Hackers pretending to be Amazons fraud Dept The fraudulent Amazon Reps had more than enough information about me and my account that I shook off the negative vibe I was starting to feel as our conversation picked up and started to get more personal. Then BAM!

In the middle of our conversation, I saw a download start up then disappear of my screen. I was looking at my phone screen trying to figure out what had happened when my screen white like my camera had taken a selfie Afterwards My phone screen Reset itself. Then it came back on. I noticed that my screensaver was gone, as were a lot of my other apps.

And right in the middle of my screen there was a little cursor moving around. I was surprised. I couldn't believe it. They' had remotely installed an app onto My phone while we were talking.

Talking about the fake fraudulent Amazon charges.

And Without my knowledge or permission. They did it by using a Microsoft teamwork app, or something similar to it, they were able to *** into my phone And to clone my phone's settings. As soon as I realized what had happened I hung up the phone and called the insurance company But they told me to call the manufacturer of the phone.

So I did. They ran a scan after I explained to them what had happened.

Then they sent me to see their tech He confirmed that my device has been hacked. Although it seems that my common sense would've figured it out when I saw that little curser running across my phone screen by itself opening up personal apps But a few days ago I was trying to recover one of my email accounts that they had hacked, and unbeknownst to me the hacker was also signing in to my account at the exact time I was trying to sign in. And a message came up on my screen saying you have successfully signed in to your --------- acct and synced your ---------- device with your Apple device I couldn't believe it. I screenshot it for proof.

I was lucky enough to get that. Furthermore, I'd just happened to be ordering something on Amazon at the same time he had ordered something. I got a name, although it could have been a fake name. Sometimes They do use fake names to order stuff with when they're ordering online.

Anyhow, I've reported what I've found, but I have not heard back from Amazon. Except once. And it was actually a customer service representative following up with me about the hacking issue. And being locked out of my Amazon account.

During this time, Not one person in administration or higher up including Amazons investigators have followed up with me. Although It doesn't happen every time, but it dues happen. Sometimes when I get phone calls txt or emails I don't receive them. The hackers devices are synced into my phone.

So when I make a call it can be rerouted to their device or when a call comes in it can also be rerouted to their device. They can hang up a call anytime it comes in or take over a call when it comes in I've had issues before and the only people from Amazon that ever follow up with me are Amazons customer service Reps. We've been with Amazon for 9-12 years. And not once during that time has anyone from Amazon ever called me to let me know what's going on with our account after I've reported an issue Also Amazon says I have a secondary account is with them.

But I do not have a secondary acct With Amazon. I make one payment a year I am not making monthly payments to Amazon. Yet they tell me I am making monthly payment's. It's So frustrating!

I pay annually for our Amazon Prime account.

And I have also tried calling Amazon to try to resolve this issue but no one returns my emails, text or phone calls. Again it could be that the hacker retrieves my calls before I get them, and as i mentioned earlier in this message they're probably interfering with my text too.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: I want my Amazon prime account back account back ( full Access )I want the money's put back that was stolen from gift cards bank accts weren't large amounts but I'm on disability so every penny counts . I want the hacker foind situation resolved.

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