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Hi there!

Yesterday, 03.04.2022, I've received a call from POST OFFICE (UPS KG) team here in my

country Kyrgyzstan, that there's a letter from AMAZON for my address which

couldn't reach in my hands on its fresh time because of miscommunication between the

post office deliverers. Even though it was sent yet in January 17,2022 I received it just yesterday as of there was no any information or call about that letter to my address.

No matter that I was so glad to receiving that letter with UNIQUE ADDRESS VERIFICATION CODE and immediately requested the Seller Performance Team to look through the required documents once more, which I've sent on my

previous messages and give

me chance to start a business with AMAZON.

Unfortunately haven't received any response. Hope you can solve all these issues and I can get my chance.

Kindest Regards,

Kumush Nazarova


Location: Bishkek, Bishkek Shaary

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