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Hi my name is James Wagner. Recently I used my debit card to make a number of purchases on my prime account.

In all I made about 15 individual orders. A bit later I got an email from you guys saying my orders got cancelled. So I try to log into my prime account, and for some reason its blocked. And its asking for a billing statement.

I would like this to be fixed and for the stuff I payed for with my own money to be sent to me. Since I get my money from unemployment on a debit card from Bank of America, I don't know that I can get a statement from them. All I can supply you with is my personal info.

Please im just a shopper not a seller, I bought these things for myself and family members. It was a lot of buying because I got a large sum from unemployment.

Please just work wth me on fixing this and shipping me what I payed for or put the money back into my account.

I thought you guys would be good to do business with, boy was I wrong

User's recommendation: Don't shop here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Pros: There are no pros.

Amazon Cons: Poor treatment of a long term loyal customer.

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