I'm Rafael Moreno, Before buying gift cards from Amazon, I read the terms and conditions in order to find out if you had any daily purchase limit, but you don't have that limit in the terms. I made the purchase of U$ 2,000.00 in a gift card (at Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy and Publix) I have all invoices and added them to my account normally.

I bought an RTX 3080ti video card in one day and the next day I added another U$1,000.00 in gift cards and soon after I bought a monitor. As soon as I went to buy some vitamins for my wife's illness, now using part of the purchase on my credit card, my account was suspended shortly thereafter. I called Amazon and they said it was just a matter of replying to an email with my credit card bills and bills. I did exactly what I was asked and my account is still suspended.

I've called since the 23rd, almost every day until today, 01/04/2022, and the attendant said the same thing, just wait. I have invoices, the credit card is in my name.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

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