Account was put on hold before Christmas for some reason. I have not been able to find out why because I have not been able to access the account.

I am asked for my phone number and the password but when I enter the 8nfo it says to contact customer service: when I get them on the phone, (I have gone through the frustration of trying to explain the situation 6 times now) the attendant simply goes through her programed answer of the issue is being sent over to another team and they will notify me in my notifications on the account and of course I cannot get into the account and when I finally get them to hear that , they say notice will be sent to my phone. I have yet to receive any notice from them to my phone or any other way. My email address is not listed to the account according to customer service, yet when attempting to access the account it sends the one time password to my email, but it cannot send the info I am requesting from my order and about my money to my email. It is a viscous circle that apparently has no deviation.

The last phone call with customer service was not productive in any way you look at it. I explain to the lady that I cannot access anything on my account and to please send the notice to my email . and of course she started repeating the same thing all over and I told several times it is not working nothing is going to my notifications and it went back and forth till I was just frustrated because she would not hear what I was saying and I was raising my voice because I am absolutely amazed at this. I have an order that I have been waiting on and I received two of the items but the remaining items have not arrived and I cannot even look at my orders to see why where, or when or anything, and they will not tell me anything other than I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for someone to send me a notice.

This has been going on for several weeks now and I am more than fed up and more than frustrated with the whole thing. Apparently my phone number is how my account is pulled up and it apparently is the only way I can receive the magical notification that is continuously suppose to be sent, and I have informed them that nothing has ever shown up so please send it to my email address, and they refuse and say it cannot happen because the email address is not attached to the account, how then can the One time password be sent to my email if it is such a big deal about using a secure way to notify me. If the hold was not on the account and I was trying to *** the account it would certainly be easy to do. I just want to access my account and find out about my orders.

The order was completely paid for and there has not been anything credited back to my bank card so I really am amazed that Amazon thinks it is ok to keep someone's money and offer no explanation of where the order is or why the order is not being completed. As I said I received 2 of the items but nothing else, and no return of my money. The last customer service ladyy told me to call my bank and let them handle it. It is not my banks problem, they paid you for my order, and also paid you for my prime service which is doing absolutely nothing for me since I cannot use the account.

I will say that I have checked with my phone service and the service is not accepting some types of notification and there is nothing I can do about that, but to ask you to use my email address to notify me of what is going on and why I cannot get something taken care of to clear up this disaster. I am really shocked at Amazon's Customer service and really am at a loss as to how Amazon thinks that this is a proper way to handle this.i can only imagine if you changed your phone number what would happen. Everybody has different types of phones and services and emails and I cannot believe that there is no wiggle room when it comes to getting a serious problem worked out on your account. I really don't understand why my email is not attached to my account and why it can be accessed to send password info to but not to send me a notice about how to get the account straighted out.

I appreciate the person who is taking the time to read this and handle the problem. You may contact me at Kdl3199reid@***.com, Please do not send a notification, you can send a regular text however .

I will wait to hear from you in the next 24 hours. Thank you Karen Reid

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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