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I have been trying to unlock my Amazon account for 2 years. In December of 2019 my wife and I purchased $700 in Amazon gift cards to purchase our 4 children's Christmas.

We put together our order and uploaded the gift cards to my account and then proceeded to sign up for Amazon Prime because that was the only way to get our order in time for Christmas. I input my credit card and clicked the button to submit my order and then my screen froze and I was told that my account was on hold due to suspicious activity. So we called Amazon customer service and they said there was nothing they could do and that an account specialist will contact us via email within 24 hours, meanwhile our account was on hold and our gift cards were applied to my account so they were no longer any good because they had been applied to my account. Our order was never processed so my account has $700 of gift cards applied to it.

We received an email from the so-called account specialist and they said they could not verify that the credit card ending in XXXX belongs to me and that I needed to upload a current statement that shows my name, phone number, address, and last 4 numbers of my card. I uploaded my current statement and then nothing. Nothing at all. So we call in again literally in a state of shock and panic that was our kid's Christmas.

Nothing customer service could do but an account specialist will contact us within 24 hours by email. So now we are in 2021 and we have emailed the account specialist now 37 times. I have sent my credit card statement with all of my information. I have sent receipts for the gift cards we purchased.

I have called Amazon customer service with American Express on a 3-way call so they can verify my account and nothing. Just received the same email saying they can't verify my credit card ending in XXXX and that I need to submit, my credit card statement, I can't log into my account to upload any documentation like this email has directed me to do because my account has a freeze on it. So how do I get the documentation to the account specialist? Any logical person would assume they could just email the account specialist back and they would get it but clearly they haven't received the documentation,which they have received because I got an email statiing after reciewing my documentation they cannot verify that the credit card ending in XXXX belongs to me.

My statement clearly stated all the information that was requested and I don't know what else to do at this point. I think that the so-called "account specialists" do not exist and are a bot or automated system. So who do I contact ? How do I submit the documentation to the account specialist to verify my account?

$700 is a lot of money to have applied to my account that I can't even log into. This process has been a joke. My kid's Christmas was ruined in 2019, something they will never forget. I have asked the customer service why can't they just un apply the gift cards so that we can use them?

Customer Service doesn't know how to do anything. I have spoken to customer service managers and the only response is that an account specialist will be in contact within 24 hours. Don't account specialists have a boss or someone that monitor's them in the chain of command? I just want my gift card's released and my account unlocked so I can make up that Christmas for my kids.

I am asking anyone for help in this situation. Thank you.

User's recommendation: Make sure you have Amazon Prime before you apply your gift cards to your account.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: My gift cards released so I can use them on a new order..

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