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It has been over two months and Amazon is refusing to unlock my account. They are saying I have multiple unpaid things on my account.

I agreed to pay for things I have received, but told them I would not pay for things I ordered over a year ago and had to return because they were not the correct size. I also continued to ask them why all of a sudden after a year this has became an issue. I have an Amazon credit card and everything bought through the app was purchased through that card. I have been a loyal customer and paid off my bill every month.

They told me the only way to unlock my account is pay for everything that was unpaid according to them, which included the two objects I sent back a year ago.

I am all about honestly and being fair, but do not feel as though its right of them to tell me I have to pay for something I do not have and they will refund me if they find the indication I sent it back. How is it okay for them to make me fork out money for stuff I do not have?

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: No help from customer service.

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