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I had changed my phone number on my Amazon account almost 2 years ago. I suddenly got locked out of my account because during sign-in I was prompted to provide a code that was being sent to my OLD phone number which I no longer have.

When I called customer service,(twice) the representatives spoke broken English and were rude. They did not let me explain the problem and were unwilling to listen to the history of the account. They repeatedly cut me off and interrupted me. They wanted to ask security questions.

They asked for my last 3 purchases and when I provided that info they tried to ask for more past purchases. I had to repeat to them 3 times that I already gave them the last 3. Then they tried to ask me the exact date of purchases. Next they wanted to know the date and year I opened the prime account.

I explained that it has been well over 5 years and I cannot possibly remember the month and date. They continued to argue tat my account will continue to reman locked. I tried to explain that this is a system problem that occurred because the account phone number has not been properly changed on their end. The customer service is terrible and as a long time customer I was treated with rudeness and utter disrespect.

I have lost all interest in doing business with Amazon because of the poor customer service. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and my account has never been changed with exception of a phone number and new address.

The new address was accepted and recorded but the phone number was not. I feel like this was done intentionally by Amazon and I am disgusted.

User's recommendation: Do not call customer service unless you have a translator. Be sure to expect to be treated poorly without resolve.

Preferred solution: UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT AND RECORD PROPER PHONE NUMBER, ask reasonable security questions..

Amazon Pros: Good products.

Amazon Cons: Terrible customer service, Receive scam calls and emails every time i order from them.

Location: Middletown, Delaware

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