I received an email from you that my Amazon account had been hacked. Several gift cards were charged to my credit card and you said you would remove.

At that point, I changed my password on my account and deleted that credit card from payment options. You missed one charge, which I contacted my credit card company to dispute. I just received an email from you that you have closed my Amazon account and if I want i back I can pay all of the disputed gift cards (even though you admitted yourselves these were hacked ones). I do not want to do business with Amazon and am agreeable to the account being canceled.

However, I had credit in my account with existing gift cards, plus I owned videos on Amazon prime. So, if you will pay me for those two items, I will never do business with Amazon again. In response to my complaint via pissed consumer.com I received a form email from Amazon directing me to their q and a page.

Really? Amazon again and we will both be happy.

User's recommendation: Don't show with Amazon.

Location: Chico, California

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