I received two e mail regarding the recent purchases I made on Amazon.com. I have not ordered anything on Amazon.com in over a year.

I spoke to a Mike in Naples Florida and they ran a scan on my computer tying it to a guy in Dayton Ohio, a Russian individual charged 652.00. The Mike guy from Amazon said I needed to take care of this right now and I would have to pay 300.00 ! or the police are going to come and lock me up. Well I told him that I would file a complain with the Police in the county where I live and take this information tot he banks and where ever else including the IRS and the FTC.

Mike from Amazon was rude, nasty and ignorant. and could hardly explain to me what was going on

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Sounds like a scam.


If the person from Amazon demanded $300 or you'll go to jail, I'm thinking it's a scam and he wasn't really from Amazon.