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my account was recently locked due to what was believed to be fraudulent activity I did what was asked of me through the email but now I understand it's going to take up to 10 business days before I can have my account reopen this is ridiculous if I taken care of the charges then I believe my account should be opened as soon as the charges are paid not 10 days from now I bought the particular items that were in question and it was not a fraudulent activity those were my charges if I had been contacted prior to the locking of my account I could have fixed this I think it is entirely too long to have to wait for 10 days to get my account open again especially during the holidays when orders should be made and delivered which is not going to happen at this time I encourage Amazon to rethink the amount of time it takes to reopen an account and how those accounts are reopened with the response of the individual who owns the instead of just locking the account maybe a phone call to the account holder maybe appropriate to inform the account holder of the reasons that the account is being considered foreclosure and a lot of times this can be settled logistic phone call so please rethink the way you close and reopen accounts. at this point when they tell me that my account can be reopened I'm not sure if I'm going to reopen the account it may be closed because this account affects not only my ordering but it also affects my Amazon prime for TV all my Alexa apps and what they're being used for so this is very inconvenient for some people. bottom line is I would like my account open as soon as the payments have been made on those two orders thank you

User's recommendation: call the customer before closing the account.

Preferred solution: my account open as soon as possible instead of the normal 10 to 14 business days.

Amazon Pros: Quick and good deliveries.

Amazon Cons: Customer service support.

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