I have had my Amazon Prime account closed with no explanation. When I attempt to log in I'm told my account is closed due to misuse of Amazon services.

This has happened after a 3 week long conversation with Amazon regarding 2 stolen deliveries. I had a delivery go missing in July and had to get a police report etc to get my money back. It took a couple of weeks and lots of my time to sort that out so I updated my delivery preferences to ensure it not happening again. The recent thefts happened because the instructions I'd left were not followed.

The delivery driver left my fairly expensive items on my front doorstep AGAIN. I live on a very busy road in London with a bus stop 10m from my door. There are regularly upto 15 people waiting for a bus. The stolen parcel was left on plain view from the street so I'm not surprised it went missing.

I'd asked for it to be left outside the basement flats door which can't be seen from the sidewalk. This was ignores and a photo was uploaded of my parcel sitting by MY door. This was bad enough but 2 days later while I was at home a driver did the exact same thing. No doorbell or knock on my door and just left there for anyone to take.

Both of these incidents were reported to the police and report was emailed to the Amazon website address that I was given. I waited for nearly a week after being told I'd be contacted in no longer than 48hrs. Told on the phone that the report had not been received. I also got an email saying thar Amazon had investigated my case and reviewed the police report.

Not sure how it can be investigated if they hadn't received it. Told that I won't be getting a replacement or refund because it was deemed as delivered as the drover was in the area at the time he declares it delivered! That's not in question. It was left on y doorstep but that's not delivered.

I wasn't handed it as claimed and nobody signed for it so technically it is still the property of Amazon. If Amazon have lost their items why am I paying for that mistake and now also being punished for THEIR mistake. I have done everything asked by Amazon and been fought all the way. I was offered a refund for one item despite all 3 being on the same police report.

One was authorised but not the other 2 which I didn't understand. Doesn't matter anyway as the day after I received the email telling to wait to hear when my refund is ready the account was closed. Also deleted the email with refund offer attached. No other emails have dissappeared, just the one offering me money.

How weird is that. Been lied to, hung up on over and over, banned from using a service I liked and have been a good customer to. I have not returned a single purchase in the 3 or 4 years of buying atleast 1 item a week. After all the money I have handed to Amazon over the years I'm just kicked out with no reason or explanation.

I'm owed £187 and have no way of accessing my account to get item numbers etc.

Totally disgusting for anyone to be treated like this but after paying Amazon 50 - 100 times what I'm claiming for its just really bad business. Stupid Stupid Stupid use any other company if possible.

User's recommendation: Use a drop off box. I would be happy to do that if Amazon had told me to do that. Problem solved and they would still be getting my money. STUPID.

Amazon Pros: Variety of products.

Amazon Cons: Delivery is shockingly bad and unreliable, Delivery is shockingly bad.

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