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I applied for a seeler account on 3rd November, and they suspended my account accusing for having dublicate seller account.

I had another seller account which is cancelled by amazon. Even though I informed it they straight away block my new account.

I appealed for the new account but still no response from amazon. It has been 25 days Im waiting for their response.

I heard lots of people have same problems with amazon for their account activations.

They being so strick even afetr we submitted all necessary documents...

Even if I tey to contact them via telephone, those operators says they are third party and all they can do is pass the message to seller central, which never happend by the way,

Either Amzon needs to give these third party operators full authority to handle the case from A- Z , or they should let us talk to seller centrall directly . Shrug

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Amazon Cons: No manager follow up.

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Please tell me when you made your appeals, you actually put together a sentence that made sense and wasn't full of misspellings. Hopefully English is a second language to you..


yes, English is my second language. But it wasn't the problem at all.

My family members made another two accounts, ( since it was my husbands family) different surname and different nationality . Once they submit their documents Amazon did the same as usual. They charged the credit cards and block the account accusing for having duplicate accounts! That's where I was sure that this is a scam in big time!!

They even didn't have buyer accounts with Amazon.... What Amazon does is charge credit card, then block the account accusing sellers on *** reasons! I have seen lost of new small scale sellers complaining the same online, And I would like to contact them all. NOTE-I wanted individual seller account.

But Amazon advised me to buy premium seller account and downgrade it in to individual account. Unless so I wont be able to just register individual account and once downgrade that they will refund. when I cancelled my account I'm keep on writing to Amazon, not a single reply from them! That's the main reason I'm telling this is a big time scam!

I had all my documents in place...

valid credit card business licence utility bills within 90 days bank and credit card statements within 90 days passports and driving license For all the accounts I have mentioned above. So you decide if this is a big time scam or not!