Bate and switch ordered bounty towels 12=60 jumbo select a sheet roll plus 8 extra sheets per roll $40. Instead, sent me small rolls sent 2= 5 $8. The delivery man threw box over gate Refused to deliver to Refused to speak english I told him 4 times I could not get package where he threw it He refused to return to bring it to the front door refusing to read signs saying front door delivery Gesturing, cursing rushing to his vehicle He lifted both arms shacking hands , giving the rotating middle finger Such contempt from a person refusing to speak English obversely cursing me out while walking to unseen vehicle Another delivery from Amazon after caught leaving glass bottle package throwing into recliner informed me that I had another package After agreed to bring both packages to me

User's recommendation: Don’t trust bounty vender there purposelly bait and switch.

Location: Plant City, Florida

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