account canceled. subsequently they had the audacity to bill me for their prime membership.

they will not get a dime from me. crooked company. tried to resolve issue with amazon and their credit card department and that went no where. they have gotten so big they think they can take advantage of previous customers.

this account was clearly canceled and I continue to be billed for their prime membership. It is pointless to write or speak to Amazon or their assigned credit card company.

really do they need this money for legal fees for their accused sexual harassing executives? They are not the only game in town and I feel they exploit customers who cancel their accounts to make their bottom line look better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: account canceled subsequently billed for prime.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Idiots in customer care with no authority to resolve a situation, Billed for prime after account cancellation.

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amazon charged my card 128.52 for no reason. I do not have account with them.


you charge my card for 128.52 for no reason . I want my money b ack now,


Well I've been a good customer for a while now!- but after seeing all of these terrible complaints by many customers- not anymore!! I won't be ordering from them again! Bye AMAZON!


How was account cancelled? It can't be done over the phone.

The CSA will email you step by step instructions on closing the account. As for the Prime membership, if it was just renewed and there haven't been any purchases, the CSA can stop auto renew and refund full amount.

You can also stop auto renew by logging into your account and clicking stop auto renew yourself. Go to help pages and search cancel prime.


I have been receiving a number of messages on my mobile stating that "item shipped", "arriving today" "delivered" etc ALL FOR ORDERS NEVER MADE BY ME. I tried several times to take up the matter

but without any avail.

Will some one care to reply?


Sounds like the person who signed up for text alerts fat fingered the wrong number and you are the unfortunate person who has to deal with that mistake.

It also most likely means that of a driver ever has an issue delivering this persons package, you may get the call for delivery instructions. Drivers call from a 206 (Washington state) area code.


I don't believe this complaint for one second. Did you have written confirmation of cancellation? If not, then it wasn't properly cancelled.