I bought 500.00 Amazon card called Amazon very friendly at the beginning told me to take it back store so I did and everything was alright so lwent to another store a and tried to use it a the told me that it wasn't activated so Amazon a nd she told me that no fault of mine someone used it and spent all of it except $100.00 and no l haven't used it and no time except those what was wrong with it and l have a receipt showing what she told about the card I told should help me my lost told me she couldn't even pronounce his name the fault store as soon as you give them the money it's between myself and Amazon no that's not true you know I'm tired of everyone passing the buck all l know l didn't have anything to do with it and I want my money no problem with any of you guys it became my problem because no body what's to take fault so what so both of the lm sorry there's nothing we can do about it like the problem solved well no the problem isn't solved l still don't have the money if l have to l will go to methods too get it back I'll will not anything from Amazon again and l willnot recommended Amazon to to anyone else all lm asking to make this right and give me my $500.00 thank you Mary Mathews phone number 602-384-****

User's recommendation: Don't buy Amazon they won't stand behind their stuff.

Location: Avondale, Arizona

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