Tted a job application on Holmes Road and tullohoma in frazier tn I took swab test and got message drug test wasn't suitable I never took a swab test I ways did urine I applied for job in November and didn't get job on account of swB I probably didn't let it stay on tongue the appropriate Boone told me how long it had to stay in my mouth I think my rights to a job was violated I really do thats a lawsuit for wrongful accusations,false pretense of statement that I get I used drugs I don't do drugs I'm seeking statement on wat was reason wrongful accusations on drug test I need my statement of why swB test wasn't suitable and payments of every hour I should have been worki g from January to now which is June I can be contacted by email or phone 901436**** name Jessie Shepeard last 4 digits of social is 1187I submi

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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