The first issue is I sent back two items one has been refunded the other one I haven't heard anything on it it was a white pair of sandals Crocs brand.

The second issue is I returned to an expensive flip-flops yes they looked inexpensive so they did not work out. I was told that if I had gotten the packages through the United States postal service that I could return them through United States postal service with no charge well the first time I attempted to do it everything went okay on a package I ordered them.

However on this most recent order in which I sent two items back I gave them to a mail carrier outside the post office because the female clerk inside said I had to pay for them to be returned.

So I gave him to the carrier outside pick up some packages from the outside mailbox he said yes he can take them. I got them back in a few days what's up?

Location: Utuado, Utuado

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