I purchased ensure dark chocolate drinks from a third party seller. I received milk chocolate.

I was authorized to return and received 1 shipping label. There were two boxes and combining would exceed UPS allowed weight. Seller refused to respond to me so Amazon itself advised me to file an A to Z claim. What a joke, they denied me based on the fact that I received the right product.

In essence they called me a liar and protected the seller. I filed a dispute, again denied now for no apparent reason. They stated I should send a photo to the seller to prove I was correct. All we wanted was a return label and now I am a liar my account is flagged ect.

After I sent a nasty email to the seller which I knew Amazon would read, indicating I was going public with our local news network. They finally responded and acknowledged the wrong description was on the website but still no additional return label.

Amazon as a result, gave me 25.00 for a label and then discounted a recent purchase 10%? Like that would make up for the previous issues, insulting my integrity and the total waste of my time........................

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Amazon Pros: After 15 years i deserve better.

Amazon Cons: Being called liar.

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