I have been an amazon member for approximately 5 years i.e. since my first year of college in N.Y. Everything was going well over the years until I started selling my college items on amazon. I was selling them because I was finally graduating and I was ready to head back to my home country. A plane ticket back to my country is about $2700 and I was planning to get a ticket from my sales. I graduated may 22nd, 2011 and today is June 5th, 2011 (still stuck in the U.S) Why?

The money that i made from selling my items was approximately $3950. When I tried to withdraw it from my amazon account, I received an alert that my account has been suspended for a whole month. A month went by and I tried the same thing that resulted to another Alert (a 3 month suspension with no pay). I am terrified, aggravated, overwhelmed and broke to the last penny. I have no other solution but to advice online sellers, Please be careful of amazon.

Pissed off amazon seller.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $3950.

Location: Bridgewater Township, New Jersey

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Amazon stole $3600+ from me, telling me to ship the items 7 months ago. Each date when the funds were to transfer it would give an error and no money went to my bank account.

I called many times and was assured all was set, and the following friday it would be transferred. Never transferred, all the people received their products , no A-Z claims have been filed. Then I was told none of my 5 customers left me feedback, so money will be held for 30 days, anyway it has been 6 months an Iphone 4S, a Laptop, and desktop, an Ipad.

And an expensive TV later I still have not received one dime. :cry


well, i add my opinion here, of course Amazon sucks! all what they want is to hold their own bank balance and only release when a substantial amount of money hits their account from new sellers.

so, every new seller will have to put their money on Amazon until they manage to find their target, its simple as that.

can Amazon prove that they are not? they don't have to come here to comment but they can introduce a system in so called amazon seller central to notify the seller Why? are they reviewing account and for What? are they holding the money, so that the sellers are happy and they know what they are waiting for.

But, the Amazon wont do it, because their aim is to keep rolling their own bank balance to maintain their company's status with their creditors / banks.


www.bbb.org let them know what happened and they will force amazon to work through it with you


You are just one of thousands of ABUSED sellers on ScamaZone and your state's attorney general's office or the Feds will NOT LIFT A FINGER TO help you!

They want the tax money are are in bed with the thieves. Our so called "great" country doesn't enforce it's own laws, but practices corruption even worse than Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya etc. The crooks and the hen house watchers are robbing us together.

Frankly, there is nothing you can do.

Victimized sellers will not form alliances to force the government to keep Amazon honest and regulate all internet auctions which seriously affect the public well-being.