Ive had to return the last three items I ordered from Amazon the last one I ordered two items one was installed and worked the second one did not work I called Amazon Friday afternoon to tell them I needed a scan code for a return but I was only returning one item I was told that at that time they could not give me a scan code for only one item and that in and of itself was a pain in the tuckers because I ordered two and they kept printing out returns for the amount of money for two and I was only returning one that took more than an hour of my time texting back-and-forth to get that rectified then I was told they could not give me a scan code that I would get it or the printing label when I got to the UPS store which I went to this morning the UPS store went through my Amazon stuff on my phone and said oh no theres no scan code and we have no label it is set up for a pick up well I live in an RV park without anyone in an office to watch over a package should be picked up it was never shut up as a pick up so then I sat in the parking lot where the UPS store for an hour trying to get a hold of someone a voice from customer service it which was the biggest cluster *** I have ever seen in my life every time I hit customer service so I got a screen with 40 different pics from this and then when I do that I can get another screen with 40 different pic from this none of which were even remotely close to the issue I was trying to rectify it took better part of an hour to get a customer service person on the phone which I reamed up one side and down the other you know if Jeff Bezos ever had to use his app for a problem that wasnt specific everyone involved the heads would roll because he would find out how asinine all this is if you need to talk to somebody from customer service that phone number should come up immediately and let them decide whats going on high at it Ive never seen anything so ridiculous in my life and the guys a billionaire figure it out guys or Im never using Amazon again

Amazon Pros: Frustrated, Answer me.

Amazon Cons: Customer service and follow up is terrible.

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

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