I ordered several items through Amazon.com and some of the items were sold by third party sellers that go through the same website. Well, two of the companies...A&E Designs and Woody's Books, became two of the worst experiences of online shopping in my *** LIFE!!!! I ordered a LOTR Legolas T-shirt for my girlfriend from A&E Designs and I asked them to change the address because I made a mistake with the information. The REFUSED citing "security concerns." I asked what security concerns were there and they told me some *** story about protecting consumers and it was "Amazon's Policy." I said *** because I talked to them and they said there was no such policy...besides that...I'M THE CUSTOMER!!!!! I ORDERED THE *** THING!!!!! They tried to argue with me back and forth and finally after some complicated ***...she finally got the t-shirt...all's well that ends well, I guess...but that could have all been avoided if they had just fixed the address before they shipped it out when asked...

I ordered a movie from Woody's Books as well through Amazon...they took my money and after almost two weeks in transit, I keep asking where my movie is...and not getting a response from the seller....I finally call Amazon and they are making excuses for them...I ask for tracking information as they provided none...just so I can call the carrier and ask what the *** is going on...and instead of explaining themselves they give me a half-assed refund. Not EVEN THE FULL AMOUNT!!!!! So I keep checking and checking and status still says "Shipped." So I call them up to ask them what to do and if the movie is still going to get here or is the carrier going to return the item...that's when Amazon finally comes clean and tells me that the package was lost a week and a half ago. LOST!!!!! I SIT FOR TWO WEEKS WONDERING WHAT THE *** IS GOING ON WHEN THEY COULD HAVE CALLED OR E-MAILED ME TO TELL ME THAT THE ITEM THIS A THOUSAND TIMES OVER AND I WOULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF IT!!!! I told them that this new development could have been brought to my attention a week and a half ago, when that information would have been worth a ***!!! But no...they had me guessing for over two whole weeks...never again will I deal with these ***...Amazon maybe...because it wasn't all their fault but they share the blame because they are the middleman and they made excuses for these buttfuckers.....NEVER AGAIN will I ORDER ANYTHING FROM WOODY'S BOOKS or A&E DESIGNS!!!!! THEY CAN BOTH GO TO A *** LOVE HOTEL IN KABUKICHO AND SUCK EACH OTHER OFF AND *** EACH OTHER'S *** CHUTE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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