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After checking my account balance I was shocked to find that $99.0 was removed for a Prime Membership that I never asked for and frankly do not give a *** about.How is this legal?I never once in any way shape or form authorized the withdrawal.I participate in no promotions what so ever!Since when did retail stores begin stealing money from the peoples accounts that pay their paychecks?WTF?I really believe that it is time to ban together as consumers and take the power out of big businesses hands.After all they are here for us!Not us here for them!Why do we as Americans day after day cower to big business.They are one.WE ARE MILLIONS.How do they constantly find ways to *** on the people they need and receive any return business at all?WE ARE THE ONES WITH THE MONEY!!Once again,They are one.WE ARE MILLIONS!!When Will We Retrieve Our *** From Our Purses And Put An End To This Nonsense Once And For All.Why Are We Afraid Of A Business That Would Not Exist Without Us!!!DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!!DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!DO....NOT...USE...AMAZON!!!!Say It With Me...DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!................DO NOT......... USE........

AMAZON!!! E..V..E..R..!!!!!!

BOYCOT IS OUR ONLY DEFENSE!!!!......BOYCOT IS OUR ONLY DEFENSE!!!!...............B..O..Y..C..O..T..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Reason of review: STOLEN MONEY!!.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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This happened to me last month. I found that Amazon had charged my credit card for Prime membership...

and I did not ask for it. I called them and complained.. and they refunded the charge.

But something about this happening so much should be looked into. Think of all the elderly they may have ripped off!


That happen to me too rescently. I went to check out and a box popped up when i was about to submitt  my order asking if I wanted to try free student prime to get free two day shipping and I clicked yes not knowing I would be charged for it but, I found out as soon as the purchase went through because all my debit transactions come through to my phone. I was billed 49.00 though but I called customer service and they refunded my money back to me.


At one point or another, you would have had to sign up for a trial or something of that nature. Have you contacted Amazon's customer service in regards to this? You sound unhinged.