I never received my package from a third party seller named

Clearance and I want a refund all the reviews as of now there’s 441 are saying they never received anything and keep getting told the same thing and have not been refunded

One thing you as a American multi national conglomerate technology company should do is not allow that company to use “Amazon” as a source to promote and or sell products especially when there are 441 bad reviews that I’ve recently read and to say you are unaware of this issue is a blatant lie and yes I should of read the reviews before purchasing an item from a 3rd party seller But the option to do so does not show while on the amazon app I was comfortable with using Amazon as a source of getting things as I should be. I understand the policy with Amazon and 3 rd party sellers what I am saying to you is as a American multi national conglomerate technology company you are allowing a scam site to use your name to scam Americans so in my eyes Amazon is just as much as a scam During such a hard time America as well as the rest of the world is going through and to pretty much tell people there is nothing you can do is a shame and saying your an “American” multi national conglomerate technology company is false because there are as of now 441 “American People” whom are being scammed by Annhoo From alaska Clearance a “company” stationed out of China I have taken pictures of every interaction I’ve had in regards to this issue with Amazon and the scam company and if this issue does not get resolved in a rapid timely matter I will send this to Channel 2 News station as well as my Local News station And Radio stations the fact that 1.21 trillion dollar company and that’s only the market camp will not refund someone $80.00 is outrageous and I’m sure the rest of America that relies and depends on Amazon would love to know just how they really run their corporation.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Amazon anymore.

Location: Livingston, New Jersey

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