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Worst service ever!!

Ordered on jan 3 with delivery in 5-8 business days, 2-3 weeks later when i complained, was directed to look at the transaction form where I discovered they changed the estimated arrival date to Feb 4 - Mar 8. They claimed I should have known this would happen because I live in Toronto Canada. They've been rude and uncooperative, clearly BooKnackrh clearly doesn't want return customers. "

Good customer service rating shouldn't be based on how rarely your customs complain but on how well you solve the complains you get. A happy customer tells their closest friend a unhappy customer tells everyone they know which equals $1000's in losses. Cheers to the 1000's customer that this will cost them.

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The same thing happened to me. The order form says Orders Processed Immediately - We get the book to you very quickly - 3 months and still waiting!

Don't think I'm going to see this book. Poor show Amazon for affiliating yourself to such a shoddy company.


i ordered on Aug 31, Booknachrh said was in NC on Sept 1 and no movement on tracking since. I then went to DHL and learned the tracking number was phony.

This place is a rip off. I have sent Amazon 3 ems concerning a: where is my book b: DHL? what takes 22 days to ship anywhere? c: asked if this place was a scam and copied a beware notice from 2013.

am waiting to see what amazon em's back. wish i had seen these emails before i ordered.


I wanted to order 6 pamphlet size books, but at 5.00 shipping each I decided that I didn't need to be "ripped" today.


BookNachrh stole $14 from me. They claimed they sent a book and even had a track package that showed it had been delivered by the USPS. No neighbors or the post office can find it.


same here, ordered a book took over 3 months for me to be able to cancel the order and then i only got my money VIA giftcard and not a true refund.

they also claim to ship using DHL but dont have tracking number which is impossible (checked with DHL customer support)

booknackrh is a liar and a thief. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!


I placed an order with this seller and chose standard shipping, which says 3 to 5 business days. Two weeks later I am told I paid for 4 to 14 days shipping. What is it 3 to 5 like it says, or 4 to 14??

Copied from Amazon

When shipping within the contiguous U.S., your order will arrive within these delivery estimates based on your location and selected shipping speed.

Destination Country Contiguous U.S.

Standard Shipping (3 to 5 business days)

Two-Day Shipping (Within 2business days)

One-Day Shipping (Within 1business days)



I had to wait 2months to finally have the right to ask for my money back and only if the book didn't arrive on time. lol Actually its not funny it sad and more evidence that there is a big problem here. :-(

I have know filed for a "A to Z Claim" and was assured by amazon HQ that I will get my reimbursement.

The Issue that the estimate of delivery before I click confirm didn't match the estimate after I received my confirmation email is all on Amazon and I hope they do fix that. But the bad customer service I got from Booknackrh was the real issue.


P.S. Can't stress it enough, "Customers Beware!!!"

Sellers Ratings are misleading. True Customer service is based on how your treated when things go wrong. Thats when you'll see if the sales agent is either helpful or brushes you off because they don't care if your service is good or bad because they already got your money.

The later has unfortunately been my experience with Booknackrh.


I used Booknackrh through Amazon and when I got a double order of books I immediately returned the extra order only opening it to place the required paperwork in it. I ordered 11 books but was only given credit for 10 and was charged an high restocking fee which is not indicated any where. Don't use them and take the chance of getting ripped off.