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Poor product and very bad customer service | Amazon review from Anchorage, Alaska

Ordered bulb for TV and recieved it three weeks later. The bulb from Electrified lasted only one month. Called the company and also checked out their website for a costomer service but found none. I did how ever contact them through Amazon with even worst customer service. The bulbs they sell are all Generic and the cost about the same for a OEM bulb from their competition. I will now order only from Bulb Solutions. On thier website they state having 29 years of Satisfied Customers but I am clearly not one of them. Pissedified! Mistified with the LACK of so called Customer Service.
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No integrity | Amazon review from Boise, Idaho

Woodwind and Brasswind DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!!!! FALSE-ADVERTISING - BAIT AND SWITCH - NO INTEGRITY I submitted an order on on 4/20/2012. The order was cancelled by the 3rd party over email due to 'systematic error' over the pricing. Here is a copy of the cancellation email I received: Dear Musician, As you may have noticed, your recent order through us has been canceled. Due to a system error, the Numark NS6 Digital DJ controller we were selling on Amazon was showing the price of the DJ2Go USB DJ Controller . This was not the intended item for that price, and we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. If there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know by responding to this email. Again, We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for choosing The Woodwind and Brasswind. Have a great evening! Thomas Band and Orchestra Tech. International Support 3rd Party Payment Support Order Maintenance I called their listed customer service line on 4/20/2012 and spoke with:1st - unknown agent2nd - sam - supervisor abilities3rd - scott - supervisor They admitted to being responsible for the error. However, they would not honor the advertised price. They advised that they do not honor incorrect or mislabeled advertisements. They also did not specify if this was an error on their side or Amazon's. I then spoke with leo, a supervisor at Amazon's customer service. He advised me that he was unable to help me in resolving this issue. He advised it is up to the 3rd party vendor to set their own prices and cancellation policies. He was unable to match the advertised price of the item, which is sold through Amazon's own store as well. He was also unable to have Amazon contact the 3rd party on my behalf, to rectify this issue. I understand there is quite a difference in the price that was listed and the price that was determined after cancellation. However, I do not appreciate business practices that use false advertising or honor their mistakes. It is my personal opinion, and many others, that a company should stand by its advertised prices whether they be wrong or right. I believe customer service should be just that, a service. A service, to resolve and rectify any mistakes made that do not satisfy the customer's expectations to the fullest extent. Especially when a mistake has been made by the seller. I have been very disappointed by both companies over this issue. I find it offensive that no customer service individual was able to, nor willing to, resolve/stand by the transaction that was made, even if it was a mistake. Whether this mistake was made by Amazon or Woodwind and Brasswind, is not my concern. My concern is that I have been denied the product I purchased due to false advertising, poor customer service, and lack of company integrity. I feel this is a poor way to run a business on both Amazon and Woodwind and Brasswinds part. In most cases companies rely on their customer service to succeed and carry on. To retain customers and gain more through acknowledgement of their exceptional service. As for the item in question. I have been searching for this type of product at a reasonable price for over a year. I am a very price conscious consumer and appreciate excellent customer service. This drives me to trust and repeat my business. Neither company could offer a comparable product near the price that was listed nor within a price range of $200 over the price that was listed. I hope this reaches someone that has the ability to rectify this issue and/or ensure that no one else may go through the same experience I have had.
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Figured I would update this post. I attempted to work with them on the pricing of the item.

I offered half of their lowest offer, which brought the total price over $300 more than what was listed. They have since stopped communications, refused to honor their prices, and will not meet me in the middle on price, even though this is all their fault.

I will never purchase from them or Amazon again.

Amazon did not help with the situation, even though they advertise this company on their site. Both companies customer service were not helpful and a waste of time.


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply. Please understand that this is a thousand dollar item at our normal sale price. I am happy to offer a significant discount on the item that would save you about $250 off that price, but unfortunately I am unable to go any lower than this. I am sorry we are unable to accommodate you any further, please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with for the trouble.

Chris Maile

Customer Service CETF


Hi Chris,



That is $700 over the listed price at the time of purchase. This is truly unacceptable. If this situation had happened in a brick and mortar store there would be nothing more to this issue. The sale would have been complete and I would be a happy customer glad to have found a good deal.

Unfortunately, since this purchase was made online at Amazon. You have been able to cancel this order, waste my time, lock up funds in my bank account (yeah still 4 days later), and cause nothing but frustration.

I hope this is great warning to all who mistakenly shop online with your store. Whether that be wwbw, amazon, or ebay!!!

Your company is a joke and I deserve better as a consumer.


Thanks for writing, I am replying on behalf of Scott. Unfortunately we are unable to honor this price, please understand this is was a listing mistake on a thousand dollar item. I am willing to offer a significant discount for the trouble, though. I am able to offer a one-time special for the Numark NS6 Digital DJ Controller H71214 at the price of $750.00 including free ground shipping if you are shipping within the continental US. This special pricing, saving you $250 off our normal sale price, is only available when you place your order over the phone, so you will need to use a major credit card or your Pro Player’s card. If you are interested please reply to this message and I will make the arrangements prior to your call. Thanks!



Hi Scott,

I believe we may have spoke on the phone regarding this issue. I believe the best way to help me with this issue is to offer the item I ordered at the price that was advertised.

I believe companies that truly value their customers and customer service would have the integrity to stand by their mistakes and advertised prices.

I have never had an issue like this with a previous company where they did not honor their advertised prices.

I hope you are able to resolve this issue and provide me with the item I ordered at the price I purchased it at.

I will email you the details of my order.


Hi Djcs,

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with this order through Amazon. It's rare that a feed issue like this will happen, but it's my understanding the pricing for this item was mixed up with another items pricing we sent over.

I would like to see if there is anything I can do to help. We value your business and would like to make up for the error anyway that I can.

Please email me your order details to Thanks!

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Its been delivered --really where? | Amazon review from Houston, Texas

In Jan both of my grandkids ordered Ipods from Amazon. They are brother and sister that live at the same delivery address, both ordered on the same email account 5 days apart and paid for with 2 different one pass cards. His was received as stated but hers has not. I cannot get anyone at Amazon to even discuss this issue the only statement is "it was shipped" I guess they never make mistakes that they own up to. I would like to see shipping labels on both Ipods I think his was shipped land recieved but hers was not--could someone gotten confused and thought they were the same person...ordered from the same email account, same delivery address, ordered 5 days apart, both paid for with one pass cards--but they are 2 different cards charges are on each child card. I only wish for a response or atleast a letter or phone call and copies of both shipping labels and in the speed that charges appear on your account when you order something. They have both been forbidden from ordering from anazon any longer due to such great customer service. They might be kids but they are also consumers--might want to think about it Amazon. Thanks Alicia Reed PS sorry for mispelling but spell check would not work
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I am glad your experiences are good and I agree but they will not participate in investaging this the only comment "its been shipped and delivered" by their own site it says "on occassion things are marked received before receipt has happened" I would really like an investigation but it was shipped by amazon--I have receipts of payment and email confermation of the sale. It takes there willness as well to investigate. Thanks!


Not trying to be too *** but I find this hard to believe. In my experience there are few companies with better customer service than Amazon.

I find it hard to believe that Amazon shipped an Ipod without a tracking number, so what company shipped it? What does the tracking info say?

Was it shipped by Amazon or another seller? Amazon (and you) should & would have more info.

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Amazon shipping is taking too long

So, here is a thing.On April 5th, i ordered a book from Amazon and choose expedited shipping (10 to 17 days to my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina).Let say that shipping takes max of 17 days and time of arrival should be by max April 25th... When i ordered it, arrival time was April 22ond, but when they shipped it, i got email from Amazon telling me that the book will arrive by May 3rd, which is almost 1 month after i placed the order... Because i relly need that book, and they wasnt fair, can i return the book to them and ask for refund (offcourse, when it arrives...)...
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I began selling books on Amazon about 9 months ago. After the sale, collecting your money from Amazon is almost impossible. I am now I my third month of trying to collect $68. Problem: the way to collect is deeply hidden and fraught with pitfalls and artificial...
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Hi Ina ,

I do not know if you have heard anything about this but it is a big problem for sellers like myself in Amazon It has been on the Amazon boards reports of sellers being told that they have a non functioning debit card on file

Starting May 29 th Amazon was sending me emails saying they could not pay me because my debit card did not work

My banking information had not changed only the date on the card so I updated it and was told they would try again in 2 weeks

That amount of time went by and again I was told they could not pay me so I re-entered my information as instructed by their phone rep and again I was informed I would be paid in 2 weeks

after 85 days I was getting more than little perturbed after speaking to rep after rep to no avail I was a little more than upset They were holding over 5000.00 of my favorite dollars I made a huge mistake I canceled my 6 pending orders and tried to close my account By canceling my orders I was over the limit on defects and was suspended I have 100% positive feedback on the site my metrics were great as far as customer satisfaction I just wanted to be paid I think it a little odd that 1000's of sellers could not be paid right before shareholders meeting There are many post about UK and European sellers not being paid and many in the US also Now I have been informed I will not be paid until October 28 th I was reinvesting my Ebay money and living on Amazon money back to the ol drawing board I guess because my EBAY sales are in the tank I have 1 million dollars in inventory and cannot buy groceries

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Amazonwireless and their customer service

To whom it may concern, This company should be ashamed of themselves, in the past two days I have spoken with six ( I have the emails saved) different people within Amazonwireless, spent 5 hours on the phone with sprint, and attended a conference call with sprint and one of your reps trying to get my issue resolved. I was ignored, waved over, passed up and sent emails all containing the same cookie cutter information instead of getting a call back like I was promised. I am in the US military and live day to day as just another number and body to be used. I am used to being shot at, looked down on and shown in a negative light- its the career I chose. So when someone chooses to go into customer service, they shouldn't have to be reminded simple things are what matter. A call back instead of a pre written email, someone who actually will take the extra 5 minutes to look into an issue instead of passing it along to the next guy. Every single customer service rep I spoke to in the past 2 days has played the good-guy game, but in the end, insisted upon passing me along as just another *** problem they didnt have time for. My issue was an error on your company's part! I have been waiting for a call back from this special team everyone keeps talking about, as they are the ONLY ONES who can fix my problem, regarding upgrade problems through your current carrier. I finally received 4 emails, all saying the exact thing, just different names at the bottom-instead of a call as promised. I decided I would call one last time, before I proceeded with the refund option. THIS IS WHERE I MET ANTHONY!!! This man- is not apart of this special team, (though he most certainly should be the one running it!!!!) he didn't promise to email anyone or even call me back. Instead, HE, IMAGINE THIS...LOOKED INTO MY ISSUE, after hearing everything that has occurred in the past 48 hours. It took under 10 minutes to clear up the actual issue and make me a VERY HAPPY customer. He not only apologized for all the issues, he spoke on amazons behalf assuring me this is not normal protocol or how your customer service dept runs. It amazes me how one absolutely superb person can undo the issues of the past lazy, mediocre, disgusting reps working in your business. We spend so much time and energy focusing on how to improve, fixing the negative and training that the very few amazing people that give their all are almost always looked over. Maybe if more time was spent recognizing the good reps you have, you would have far less negative, lazy reps.Believe me, I know everyone has bad days, but two days worth of bad people is something more- there is something wrong. Anthony NEEDS to be recognized and if I had his supervisors email or number, or anyone else that could give him the proper recognition, raise, free lunch, employee of the year award, ect you better believe I would be contacting them as well!! Your reps I spoke to that passed me along, did nothing and sent me cookie cutter responses instead of doing their jobs as Anthony did.... Rio D. Marvell F. Dillon F. Kayla Richard Dilho I have an HTC EVO 4g from Sprint- tried to order and upgrade to a Samsung galaxy s2 4g. I had a contract resign and full upgrade available. Amazonwireless put the order through twice, the first time it went through, renewed my contract attached the phone, fees, activation and serial number to my Sprint account and they shipped the order through UPS. Then for some reason their customer service did the process again and it came back, if course that I had already upgraded and wasn't available for a contract renewal. So they called UPS and requested a return to sender on the phone. I received email after email saying sprint denied my upgrade- yet amazonwireless wouldn't speak to sprint or even look into the issue when it was brought to their attention it was their order...until Anthony. 6 customer service agents! That's ridiculous!!!
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Amazon is selling water damaged cell phones as new. On 1/31/13 I ordered a Samsung Galaxy SIII cell phone (order # 002-6673775-3998639).

I received the phone on 2/5/13. Upon opening the phone and removing the contents of the box I noticed the battery had a pink spot on it (pink indicates the presence of water). I immediately called amazon wireless. I spoke to Zac and he asked me if the phone had a pink dot also.

I removed the back cover and there was a pink dot.The phone and battery both had water damage.

Amazon wireless is selling this phone as new. This is a very poor practice and should be stopped.

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Amazon Kindle stinks

My Kindle was a Christmas gift in 2010 and already doesn't work. It freezes, won't start or won't turn off daily. I've done all the troubleshooting advised and called Amazon when nothing worked. I was offered a replacement device for $85. So when you're buying those overpriced digital ebooks keep in mind that the device won't last long and support doesn't exist. I highly recommend prospective buyers do an internet search for frozen kindles. Amazon's coustomer service is friendly but not able to solve the problem. I'm Very disappointed with the device and customer service.
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Identical situation to mine. Got a kindle keyboard for Christmas in 2010.

Was having many issues with freezing and resetting. They told me to ditch the case. I did and it reduced the resetting to about every couple of weeks instead of multiple times a day. It was getting a little more frequent until a couple of weeks ago it started doing it constantly again.

I called and they told me to update the software. took me 3 days due to the constant freezing and resetting. Made it worse. They told me to reset to factory defaults.

Took 2 more days. Now it's completely forzen. Offered to give me another one for $85.

When I asked to just have that $100 discount applied to whatever Kindle I wanted to buy they told me not possible. Why would I buy another piece of *** every 18 months?

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Used items as new | Amazon review from Washington, District Of Columbia

I am determined to have amazon admit they willingly sell used items as new. rec'd another used item today, dirty, scratched, ***, the *** previous owner jacked up the packing material--backwards with a mess of tape to make it work, and am left with a 50lb shredder with loads of used confetti to return. initially they expected me to return at my cost but they remedied the return. contrary to some, I have no trouble tracking down support or making progress once they know of the problem, but their insistence they do not sell used items as new no longer washes. this item was so used I refuse to accept "mix-up." how can it be explained? do they put the used/returned/refurbs with the new items? surely not, so a "mix-up" is out. it is time for amazon to admit they knowingly push used items as new just like a two-bit low-end seller. I recommend a push from those suffering the same fate to demand they acknowledge misrepresenting used as new. account closed as soon as the remainder of the same order completes. I have had it will companies pushing used as new. pushing back.
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Back I June, I bought a pair of Sketcher sneakers. Since I have nerve pain, and these seemed to help, I decided to order a 2nd pair.

The 2nd pair came in a blank cardboard box (not a Switchers box) with white tissue paper (again, not Sketchers), no cardboard that goes in the shoes, labels and a pamphlet. I emailed Amazon. They acted like it was an isolated incident and sent me a new pair of shoes and assured me they will have everything and it did.

The other day, I ordered hiking boots. They came in the correct box, but when I opened it up, there was the incorrect *** white tissue paper, no cardboard in the shoes and they clearly have been warned.

The the heck???? These are $200 shoes so I do not want to see that they were worn. Called Amazon and the girl on the phone was afraid to send me a replacement, but she did. Received the overnighted replacement.

The shoes look better, but the tag was cut off, same white *** tissue paper (not the brand name like a previous shoe I have) and no cardboard inside the shoe.

This is a waste of my time. I am so disappointed and frustrated.

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Amazon Account

Amazon Sucks

I just spent 4 hours trying to get through to Amazons *** customer service center. All I wanted to do was cancel an order I had just placed 2 minutes prior. Finally after reaching an operator in who knows what country I am told that they will attempt to contact the MFG. of the product I was purchasing and that my credit card would be credited with 10 business days!!! Serious. It takes 1 second to charge a card and 10 days to refund it. I am so pissed right now! I will never order anything from this *** company again. Please reply if you have had the same experience.
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#457348 is a really good alternative to Amazon's Marketplace. Check it out..

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Be aware on returns! I shipped back this product along with 2 other orders in one box. Because just wasn't as expected and didn't need the items anymore. Its not right that Amazon made such huge deductions for the shipping on all three items. On this particular item...
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You returned items for no other reason that you didn't want them anymore. Why would they pay for the shipping???

If they did that; anyone could order anything they wanted and return it free of charge. Which of course would ruin any business within a matter of days.

If the item was damaged, then you wouldn't have to pay return shipping.

You simply decided you didn't want the items anymore. Which is a totally different story.

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Amazon Shipping Service