I am on the 30 day trial for Amazon Prime, and THE 1st order I made is already two days late. I was supposed to get 2 day shipping for free.

It was shipped by the seller on the 4th. Amazon says I won't get it till the 9th. WTF! Good thing I did not purchase Prime at the $79 annual price.

So, you can bet you *** that I canceled the trial on the 6th. I then find it really annoying that there is NO customer service phone number.

Amazon Prime is a joke. Save your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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There is a support # and you can get it from It does take a little clicking around to find it (you have to be signed in).

I know this because I've called it twice in the last week.

I have had Amazon Prime for a long time and it was great before they had their own Amazon Delivery Service. When that started, the 2 day shipping went out the window. I cancelled Prime as well just after my renewal.

2 delivery's, both with Amazon Delivery Service, both took 3-4 days. Prior to Amazon Delivery Service, when they used USPS or UPS delivery was normally 1 day, which was great.


Original poster here .... Amazon said that I have been a valued customer since 2010 and to make up for this debacle, they will give me the item for free and refunded my money.

I did not expect this outcome and will say that Amazon did try to make up for this error. So, I am happy with the end result.