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For 3 years everything delivered by Lasership is lost, damaged or delivered to wrong house or not delivered at all. Each time complained to Amazon, do not take order if you are sending by lasership!!!!!!!

OK, came home 2 days ago, pouring rain for 4 days, lasership left books in the rain on the bottom step of door, no bag. Simple, two more steps and under door and safe cover. Brown cardboard package fell apart in my hands. Amazon covered plastic had leak, books fell apart.

This time just put in trash as could not even pick up. Sick, I love Amazon, I treasure books, went thru 5 broken Kindles and that is just for starters.

I have nothing to return, not paying, writing to Jeff Bezos, maybe someone will have the nerve to get rid of these guys who show up in unmarked cars, didn't have a tracking number that worked and as luck would have it are 5 miles from my house and the laughing stock of all. Really tired of complaining.

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If you want to buy something from Amazon make sure it's from Amazon by Amazon. Don't buy from their re-sellers.

Unknown companies selling through Amazon. They are not from Amazon but the resellers. I got caught in a tug of war once. I had purchased 3 lightning to usb-c cables from a reseller (forgot their name) for my Apple iPhone.

One cable had a crushed tip on the USB-A side. I called Amazon and they said I had to contact the seller. I said ok and the seller had a phone number listed. They told me that I had to speak to Amazon.

I said "they told me I had to contact you!" He said no. Amazon was the one to call. They blamed Amazon and Amazon blamed them. I went back and forth and in the meantime I inserted a flat head screwdriver into the crushed USB-A side and managed to open it up.

I stuck it into the charging block and it went in! I stopped using Amazon ( and Walmart.com for the same game of back and forth). Now the Amazon app and account is deactivated and deleted from my apps page and I never plan to use the AMAZON credit card I never asked for. It can rot unused in Amazon's warehouse or wherever they keep them.

Same with the Walmart.com app. I read too many reviews from angry shoppers on several consumer protection sites.

Walmart is a 10 minute car ride from my home. I'll use brick and mortar stores.