For 3 years everything delivered by Lasership is lost, damaged or delivered to wrong house or not delivered at all. Each time complained to Amazon, do not take order if you are sending by lasership!!!!!!!

OK, came home 2 days ago, pouring rain for 4 days, lasership left books in the rain on the bottom step of door, no bag. Simple, two more steps and under door and safe cover. Brown cardboard package fell apart in my hands. Amazon covered plastic had leak, books fell apart.

This time just put in trash as could not even pick up. Sick, I love Amazon, I treasure books, went thru 5 broken Kindles and that is just for starters.

I have nothing to return, not paying, writing to Jeff Bezos, maybe someone will have the nerve to get rid of these guys who show up in unmarked cars, didn't have a tracking number that worked and as luck would have it are 5 miles from my house and the laughing stock of all. Really tired of complaining.

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