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I've been with Amazon Prime at least 5 years, probably more like 7 or 8. Today I was on the site browsing when a little pop-up window solicits me, saying...."download the amazon app and we will give you $10 off a $20 purchase"... I went ahead and clicked the link provided within the pop up ad. It downloaded the amazom app and I resumed browsing. After putting $20 of items in my cart ( prime items), went to check out, and low and behold there was no $10 credit as advertised in the promotional pop up! I called customer service and after being on the phone for over a half hour and speaking to two different people I had no choice but to cancel my Prime Membership. WHY would I want to be with a company that doesn't stand by their own words!?! They solicited me with an offer so I'm not really sure what's going through their heads right now...but apparently they need the $10 more than I do, bless their little heart!

All I can say is.... if they dont want to honor their promotions maybe they shouldn't solicit people with little pop up windows ....

The funny thing is not only did I cancel my Prime membership (for which they will have to refund me $120...) but I will not be renewing it again in the future!!!

So they lost 120 this year and $100's in future years....

Overall this was more of a blessing in disguise... now I'm free!!! I won't have to pay 120 a year for free shipping that I use only a handful of times each year. Otherwise the only other service I was using was Amazon video... and between you and me it leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing that Netflix or Hulu cant do as well or better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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