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When I need something on Amazon that I want right away, I search for the Prime 1-day delivery option. I order hours before the said deadline, but only 2 or 3, out of 5 times, do they actually arrive on time.

The only way they can actually deliver 1-day shipping is if an Amazon driver delivers it, so When I get a USPS tracking number for it, I know I'm screwed. Today was a perfect example. Yesterday, I ordered (well before the deadline) a gift that I needed today. This morning, Amazon sent me a USPS tracking number for the merchandise.

Estimated delivery,,,, tomorrow. This happens regularly here. Why offer 1-day shipping on merchandise if it's not in the warehouse????? When I contacted Amazon, the representative said it wasn't in stock at the local Warehouse.

Why is 1-day delivery offed then??????? The representative sidestepped that question without a valid answer. It was as though he had a list of answers in front of him. I never got a direct answer from him.

It gets better.

Now I don't need the merchandise, so I have to print a label, get in my vehicle and drive 20 minutes to ship it back to Amazon. I won't get a refund until well after they receive the returned product that should have been here on time.

User's recommendation: Never expect amazon deliveries on time.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Amazon Pros: Large selection of merchandise.

Amazon Cons: Late on too many occasions.

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