Any accounts that were previously set up will never let you update an account! It keeps the same old BS information!

I just wanted to set up to my own account Which I did on the movie Prime account under my sons email with out problems!!!!!!! However to use a fire stick and trying to use my sons account wouldnt let me sign up! Mind you he is 10ths old! He doesnt have a CC!

So who is paying? Me, right?! WrongI had to sign in through the shopping app??? And provide my CC information that was link to my old boyfriend?????

Hes been out of the picture for almost a year and I signed up my sons account 3months ago?!?!? This is so frustrating to even type this up! Never using Amazon again!!!! Amazon is the most disorganized company ever!

Ill just buy my movies that I purchased through the Amazon movie prime with my CCwow! Doesnt that sound weird!?!?

from another company like EBay !!!!! F Amazon!

User's recommendation: Never…ill tell them *** no to Amazon.

Location: Banning, California

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