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I did not authorize my account renewal and Amazon never notified me. The deduction from my checking account made another payment insufficient and I was charged a fee. Now it will take up to 5 days to get my money back. People need to make sure credit info is not left in account info. For some *** reason I cannot file this review without using 100 words. This site isn't any better than the *** I am going through with Amazon. I will just ramble to... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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Poor service my order has not arrived yet I ordered on 12 september 2016 very poor service I am frustrated now

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I ordered a7inch Kindle fire with 32mg of gig and 30day trial for prime membership and I was suppose to get next or two day shipping order on 09/18/2016 for first oder and when I did not get order by wensday 09/21/2016 then I called them and asked am I suppose to get order in two day,s and the rep said yes she didn't, no why and she said she would cancel the first oder and all I had to do is to reoder she will said it was not going to recharge... Read more

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Yes, my friend and I ordered a cell phone with a 6" screen (as a prime member) Amazon shipped me a cell phone with a 5" screen. I contacted Amazon and was told Amazon has sent out the wrong item and yes the screen size of the phone i purchased was indeed a 6" screen (i repeated "6" display screen" yes say Amazon customer Service Representative) . i got an email saying my now 2nd phone from my original order was shipped and of course I contacted... Read more

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Amazon is full of a bunch of liars thieves and *** artists. I ordered something from China and they low lifes stole from me.. Didn't ever receive my package.. Called customer service after speaking to 100,000 people they gave me a promotional code that quote did not work..why give a code that keep says invalid unless you were not thieves. I Will always hate Amazon.. Your stuff tears ... Read more

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I too found out I was enrolled in and had a free trial but would be charged after that. I had NO IDEA I was enrolled into something like this. If the print had been larger or if there had been a way of me seeing it, I would NEVER had signed up for it. Had it not been for two emails I got from Audible. com, I would never have known I was enrolled. The only thing I recognized was that a few weeks ago I bought a book on Amazon for my... Read more

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I recently received an email from Amazon saying I was no longer allowed to write reviews, and the reviews I had already written would be hidden. Why? I don't know. They never told me. I have written hundreds of reviews. I was once a top 1000 reviewer. Would they tell me the reason? No. Just that I was done and it was final. I haven't a clue why. I guess they like secrets. This is Amazon. Why did I waste all that time writing reviews... Read more

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Amazon - Extreme Example of Bad Customer Service!
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I ordered a set of Cuff Daddy cufflinks from Amazon on August 29, 2016 for $39 along with few other things. On August 30, 2016 Amazon sent me an email that they shipped this particular item. Then two days after on September 1, 2016 amazon sent me another email stating "Unfortunately, we're unable to deliver your order. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes. When something like this happens, we normally send out a replacement order. In... Read more

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  • Sep 14
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Onr of your advisor call Melisha told me she was more expirienced than me i am 61 yrs old i think i have haf more expirience in life than she has very rude took money out of my sons account when he had NOT set up for prime his bank is in dispute another advisor told me that a refund wud b put in straight away because he cud NOT see anything set up who is lying my son DID NOT set it up

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I am a seller. Amazon makes a ton of money off of me. Every time I contact seller support, they can't understand or provide an answer. I SPELL EVERYTHING VERY SLOWLY. They have repeatedly told me to violate Amazon policy, which of course I refused to do. When I asked how to lodge a complaint, I was told there was no way to do so. Finally she told me to send a letter to SHATTEL WASHINGTON. I asked repeatedly. I had never heard of a town by that... Read more

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