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In June 29 2016 I bought a Samsung Galax S7 on Amazon (the seller is Wireless Everything). For its reputation, I trusted Amazon to sell me a reliable cell phone. Less than a year later it stops working. I called the seller, they told me to call Samsung. Samsung does not offer warranty since the phone was made in Vietnam!!!!! and no one wants to take responsibility, since it is an internationally sourced phone. I wish I knew! The suggested I... Read more

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today I was billed £90 gbp for amazon gold coins,i did not buy them,being oap this is a lot of money to me,it would not be too bad if I could spend them on cds/dvds,what the *** do I want apps for.this is very sharp practice.and needs looking trades description act ,,g shippam and now moer ***, one hundred words one hundred word one two three four five six seven eight words nine ten.ten tens another hundred words one hundre d words two... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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I signed up for Trial and cancelled a week later and was refunded but mysteriously was charge 49.00 dollars 1 year later for a student version even though i never authorized.

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hey Everyone, so i ordered a phone case and a screen protector for my iphone 7plus on January 17. i used amazon Prime for two day shipping right. supposely UPS claim they came by my house on the 18th to delivery my items. They didn't at all, I was there all day, no info notice was left at all. I contacted UPS and all of a sudden no one can find my package after I made the complaint. I said I wanted them to find my package reschedule the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 19
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So i order a Russel westbrook jersey on January 5th they tell me my order is going to be here January 12-18th but its January 19th and my stuff still isn't here, wtf Amazon

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I bought a trench coat from, but when I discovered the delivery date was 8 weeks away, I called customer service and they told me that my email account was hacked. They did not credit my bank the $145, but told me I had to speak with with a third party to rectify the 6 oversees hackers and pay $299 to fix. My money is gone and so is my coat. DO NOT USE INTERNET TO PURCHASE ANYTHING...GOOD LUCK, I GOT ***. When I contacted the bank... Read more

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Yup. Its official. China does it again. Every time I order something or try to cancel, its a hoax of epic proportions. Everything made is a copy with horrifying materials. Try canceling an item within 5 minutes. Impossible. They make their money by holding you hostage with postage. 6 weeks to get an item for a dog, and another 6 weeks for partial refund. Its really untenable and I have just closed amazon account. Too bad. Its been a great... Read more

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Amazon has colluded with the State of WY, NE, UT, and IA recently to agree to lay tax on goods you buy online and give it to the State governments. I closed my Amazon account today. When mom and pop do not have the product I need, I have to pay shipping to get it online. I will be darned if I am going to pay sales tax for something purchased out of state. Amazon does not get the fact that there is NO internet sales tax but has gone and signed... Read more

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Just had courier that was delivering amazon packages to my building parking in the handicap parking space. When I asked the driver did they do this all the time the answer was yes. Then I received a number of F*** You and other wording like that. The CA Tag Number was 98227T1 and there was a sign in the driver side windshield with ASL129. I'm not sure what this number was for. Maybe driver number? Does Amazon really let their couriers park in... Read more

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FIrst I order a air hockey table for my grandchild box was all messed up and when we opened it was broke. I returned and waited on refund. I then ordered a razor go kart it was from a third party. It said it shipped and I waited it never showed up. I called and they had to investigate and again waited on my money. Come to find out they no longer did business with this person and I finally got my refund. As it is my Grandson still has no... Read more

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