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I purchased an item and the price dropped by 60 dollars before the item shipped. I asked for a refund and was told it was to late to cancel my order and they only price match on TV's. I was told I could return the item and purchase the item at the discounted price. I will return the item but I will not buy it at Amazon. I will purchase the item from Walmart. It makes no sense to return a non defective product so you can purchase the item... Read more

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The lense cracked from the rivet that attached the lense to the frame all the way to the bottom of lense, amazon won't do anything about it....this happened about 3 days after I received the sunglasses

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 21
  • #904569

Ordered a product, returned it, Amazon gave me a gift card, disputed rd it with them, refused to refund my money, credit card company wanted tracking number to refund my money, didn't keep, Amazon admits that I returned item, now I am screwed.

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I bought alo after tan from amazons partner cosmetic Beaty place. Product Was poorly packed and leaked during shipping about 1/3 was lost. Requested Product be replaced. Got canned text about we are investigating claim. After 3 weekend wrote negative review. With in an hour of posting got a email from Vendor offering half my money back to remove negative review. I requested product replacment. They offered a full refund I still asked for... Read more

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Took a long time to change my e-mail & password! Just went on line to place an order & then wanted to cancel order & was told I have never ever placed an order. Also, you are offering me an Amazon credit card so evidently you don't know I have already been issued one. I wanted to purchase OCUVITE & was shown a bottle of 60 for approx. $ 13. Underneath is the same bottle with a price of approx. $ 58. What the *** is that all about? Are you... Read more

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Once is a mistake, but when orders aren't delivered on time on multiple occasions, that's a systemic problem. I will not be renewing my Amazon Prime because they do not honor their stated shipping policies. My latest experience with them sealed the deal. I ordered a product on 8/1, that was supposed to be delivered by 8/4. When it hadn't arrived by 8/8, I requested a refund which they did process. The product showed up over a week past the... Read more

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I purchased a Home Elegance Recliner in December 2013. I also purchased a 5 year warranty through Warrentech, Amazon's warranty company. I submitted a claim in May, 2016, I didn't see a rep until July 1, 2016.j Now August 13, 2016 I spent most of my Saturday of work trying to find out the status of the claim! Nobody knows a thing! I still don't know if this is covered or not (just like most insurance companies)! It is next to impossible to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 10
  • #898362

Ordered Adidas golf shoes. Promised to arrive on Wednesday, August,10th. Now they say may be I will get it on Saturday. Called customer service. Got call center from somewhere . Ask me to wait for supervisor. I am still waiting. Terrible customer service. I may cancel my prime membership. Satish Lalaji

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Amazon has gotten too big. No decent service to the customer. They they think they can answer questions by asking you scores of questions that have to application to what you need. I recently spent an hour trying to place an order and could not get to the checkout. It's ridiculous. Do a search to try to get to that icon and you are run around in circles and still no answer. This used to be one of my favorite companies. Now, Amazon is at the... Read more

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Amazon changed viewing pages on Kindle e-books from 100 pages to 75 pages. I complained about only being able to browse 100 pages instead of being able to view all available products. The site also does not provide a choice in viewing short stories or novels. Their selection categories for romances, especially paranormal romances, are outdated Harlequin subcategories - Romantic themes like beaches, gambling, etc and Romantic heroes like... Read more

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