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This is to warn everyone that if you get a message on any saved list item that Amazon has replaced an unavailable item with an alternative 'best available priced' one DO NOT TRUST IT. Check out other possibilities using Amazon's own new/used list of products from alternative vendors that Amazon represents. I frequently find much cheaper items sold through Amazon themselves then the one that they... Read more

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Bought many items from amazon most didnt arrive at all the best they said they could do is send a dam email this is emberssing that a other app i use called geek or wish all orders i make though those i have received that goes to show you how amazon has gone to the *** Add comment

Fed up with PAYING a premium price for 2-Day delivery on IN-STOCK items from Amazon, getting messages like "order in the next (XX hours and XX minutes) and receive your order in (two days), then having items NOT EVEN SHIP for days to weeks later, and even then, not receiving until SEVERAL DAYS AFTER THEY FINALLY SHIP IT. Complaint to Amazon resulted in a form message about why they are never... Read more

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After 6 phone calls and many e-mails I can't get Amazon customer service to understand that I never received my refund of $74.95 from Fat Cat deals. Amazon was to use their guaranty to refund me my money but it never happened. I went to Capital 1 and got it from them but Amazon got the money returned to them from Capital 1 and won't help me get my money. I sent the defective item back 6 weeks ago... Read more

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Movies listed on 'Amazon Prime' Streaming for Rent or Purchase, consistently display 'INCORRECT' Movie Release Dates and Star Ratings. No matter what the movie, Amazon continues to haphazardly throw in just any movie release date. They rarely list the correct movie data and are rarely consistent when displaying how many stars a movie receives. Why do they continue to this? Why hasn't anyone else... Read more

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This week I received a call from my wife on Weds 01/27 that there was a 99 dollar charge from Amazon on our checking account. I called Amazon, explained that I did not order nor did I want Amazon Prime. They were very nice and apologetic and refunded my 99 dollar charge and told me that they changed my account so things like that will never happen again. I go to the bank Friday 01/29 and was... Read more

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Beware of Amazon! I bought a large rug and then returned it at my expense. Seller took out 20% for restocking fees. I complained to Amazon that the restocking fee was not disclosed to me. Amazon basically told me they would not do anything about it. It was not under their guarantee The A-to-z Guarantee refund policy only covers: 1) When the buyer provided payment to the seller, but... Read more

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I bought 2 gift cards and sent them electronically to my family's email. when they went to redeem them, it said they had already been redeemed. apparently amazon let a random email (not my family's email) redeem them. I called three times and spoke with them and chatted online twice and in the end they said "take it up with your bank. there is nothing we can do." I have been a customer for... Read more

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  • Jan 25
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I was looking to buy a item before Christmas and this prime deal popped up and said to use it to guarantee 2 day shipping. After I filled in everything the shipping was gone to be 5 days. So I didn't make the purchase. One month later I bounce a check because amazon charged my card over $ 104.00 what a rip these people. I will never buy anything from them. Add comment

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  • Jan 24
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Have purchased a wide selection of products as gifts from Amazon & they really pedal cheap products, I'm so done shopping through there. They must not do checks on their subsidaries, they seem to allow anyone to sell through their site They have not made good on any of their sales they have duped me on. Add comment

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